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Audiense: A TOP 10 Social Media Suite

Feb 1, 2018 10:47:07 AM

AUDIENSE: A TOP 10 Social Media SuiteWe have recently been recognized as one of top 10 best Social Media Suites by G2 Crowd, a public solutions review platform.

A Leading platform for social data analysis: How we were rated

User ratings have scored us on key aspects such as platform usability, user support and fulfilment of objectives.

Audiense 9th position G2Crowd Social Media Suites

As a result, Audiense has been nominated as one of the best solutions for monitoring, measuring and analyzing social data allowing us to be considered an industry leader.

G2 Crowd Grid for Social Media Suites

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Providing on-demand insights, actionable across all marketing channels

As the use of social media matures, platforms can no longer primarily focus on audience engagement. Gathering social data is considered to be the starting point of insight development making such networks the ideal ecosystems to obtain accurate audience intelligence. Armed with insights, organisations have the ability to make better-informed decisions, improve content relevance, adapt targeting approaches and drive high-performance campaigns at scale.

Here at Audiense we enable such insight development and application as we reach beyond the social conversation. Our aim is to enable our clients to:

    • Identify relevant audiences
      Transform decision making and discovering new opportunities into an informed process by understanding the right audiences to reach at the right time with the right message.
    • Explore the segments within each audience
      Go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, to discover new segments based on people’s interests, relationships and interactions. Apply such findings to inform your high-level strategies as well as specific campaigns.
    • Discover valuable actionable insights
      Identify relevant online/ offline channels to increase engagement and customer

    Solving customer problems

    The different integrated solutions within the Audiense platform enable our clients to successfully tackle and navigate their challenges whilst achieving their objectives. For us to be continuously improving product feedback is at the core of our developmental roadmap.

    Here is what a few of our innovative clients have to say about their Audiense experience.

    We have seen noticeable increases in conversions for our clients since using Audiense, which is hugely important for us to be generating ROI for our clients.
    Dario Candela, Account Manager at Big Bounce Digital.

    Saving Time! I am able to weed through the bullshit and pick all the good people!
    Becky Shindell, Social Media Manager at SEMRush.

    Growth, that's all that matters. We mainly use Audience to find and filter our target market out.
    Peter Connor, Co-Founder of Bullet.

    Thank you for your continued support without which becoming an industry leader would have never been possible.

    Still not convinced? Sign up for our FREE Audiense Insights account and reap the rewards yourself.

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