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Building bridges between technology and agencies [Interview with Tecmart]

Jul 11, 2019 5:46:47 PM

If you have read the most recent articles on our blog, you will have seen that we have spoken (and a lot) about the important role that technology plays in the creative process, how it is a key asset for the agencies and consultancies in the marketing and advertising industry, and the innovative role that it plays for brands in their adaptation to the current digital reality.

Last week we also saw the advice that Brian Solis has collected, through his interviews with the CMOs of some major brands over the last year, on how to grow business through innovation of the digital experience. Most of these recommendations include a large technological component as the main piece: integrate client-centric metrics to measure performance, become a tech company, invest and organize around data ...

Euardo Benchoam - CEO de TecmartAll this has led us to reflect on how Tecmart, one of our partners, has become an organization that has come to occupy a niche in the market, acting as a bridge between the most cutting-edge technologies and the most disruptive and innovative agencies. To deepen a little in how technology has changed the reality of the agencies, being now a key part of the processes, etc. we have talked with Eduardo Benchoam, CEO of Tecmart, who has shared with us his vision of the relationship between marketing & advertising agencies and technological solutions.

Eduardo defines Tecmart as an organization in which "we provide technological solutions to increase the profitability of digital marketing agencies. We help our clients to convert tools into profitable services and grow their business."

The integration of different technologies to achieve the goal

According to the report "The State of Social Intelligence in 2019", developed by The Social Intelligence Lab, 85% of the organizations questioned for this study, this year invested in more than one social data analysis solution, with 3 as the average number of tools purchased by the organizations, Benchoam explains that in Tecmart "In addition to Audiense, we use Social Listening platforms such as Pulsar, analytics tools in our own channels such as Unmetric, moderation tools, customer service, dynamic dashboards, etc."

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Also in the study by The Social Intelligence Lab, it is established that more than half of the respondents plan to, in the future, expand their use of social data analysis technologies. The integration between the different tools is a key factor and it's a decisive one when betting on one or the other. At Tecmart, declares its CEO, "We started raising data to understand the needs of our customers. Then we evaluate existing tools in the market against the most important criteria for an agency (more than 60 criteria in some cases!). At the end of this understanding, we closed a partnership to offer the tool(s) with the exclusive benefits of Tecmart." And he continues "It is about understanding the exceptional capabilities of each technology and how they enhance the delivery of services in the agency. For example, Unmetric and Audiense completely automate the reporting processes for performance and creative brief. Some social listening tools can achieve sentiment accuracy rates greater than 90% and be integrated into a dashboard to control a crisis in the client's HQ."

Technological solutions, the resource that allows you to optimize your resources

If, for 50% of industry professionals, data analysis is the activity that consumes the most time, it makes perfect sense for an organization such as Tecmart to try to optimize the most valuable assets of the agencies.

In this sense Eduardo explains that, for example, Audiense "It is a tool that generates psychographic insights with minimum effort, ideal for agencies that have little time but depend on identifying deep opportunities to give their clients an advantage. Audiense deepens the understanding of the consumer, which is valuable to deliver services of creativity, strategy, content and media purchase. With an understanding at sub-segment level, for example, you can make a strategy of Dark Posts on Facebook with higher performance vs. a strategy that speaks to a general audience."

Although it has always been said that time is money, it seems that in the agencies they value time more so. Does anyone know an agency where they have plenty of time to spare? Achieving maximum optimization of this resource will end in a better results all-round: goals, benefits and performance. And achieving the optimal integration of the different technological solutions will favour the achievement of these objectives. "The tools in combination are solutions that enhance the delivery of services with data in the least amount of time. We understand that agencies do not seek to use the tools for their own marketing but to offer a profitable service to their clients. Then we develop processes or integrations that facilitate the delivery of these services, powered by data, in the least amount of time for our clients... always looking for their profitability" says Benchoam.

Challenges, results and future projection

Speaking of the present, we asked the following question: What do you think are the main challenges of merging technology and creativity? In their role as "technological facilitators", they seem to be very clear minded about the challenge they face: "Simplify the process. It's something that Audiense and Tecmart do exceptionally well. A marketing team should invest their time in adding value to their clients, not in evaluating, configuring and analyzing tools."

Among Tecmart's clients are agencies such as Porter Novelli, Proximity BBDO, or Grupo Map among others, which are having a very positive response to the results they are getting: "We are starting, but the initial response has been positive. These are technological solutions that meet the benefits that our customers expect from Tecmart very well." said Eduardo.

On the direction that this integration of the most innovative technologies within the agencies will follow in the future, Benchoam told us that "The marketer will spend half of its day seeing graphics and insights generated by an AI, Minority Report style, and creating content. The boards will be holograms and will show primary and secondary data in real time from all sources, including connected devices such as telephones and smart refrigerators. The data is structured in the cloud by an AI that then activates hyper-segmented campaigns with the contents already created. The other half of the day the marketer will spend it drinking martinis with his client."

Photo by Rafał Naczyński on Unsplash.

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