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#BurberryGifts, Hootsuite’s #HolidayOwl & J.K. Rowling Winning Twitter

Dec 19, 2014 2:32:43 PM


T’was the Friday before Christmas, and all through social media land, plenty was stirring… we’ve got Burberry handing out last minute gift recommendations via Twitter, holiday cheer from Hootsuite, the revival of a social network of days past, and so much more. Get ready for some serious holiday ambiance as we countdown to Christmas!
Best Brand On Social Media

Earlier in the year, fashion brand Burberry took Twitter’s Buy button out on the catwalk, giving Twitter users an opportunity to purchase products in-Tweet straight off their Spring/Summer 2015 catwalk show. Now, they’ve coming to the rescue of last minute gift buyers by offering personalized gift advice to people Tweeting the hashtag #BurberryGifts, which is being monitoring by their customer service team 24 hours a day.
Look’s like so far so good!
Tweet Of The Week

We’ve already highlighted how fantastic J.K. Rowling is on Twitter lately, but this week once again Rowling has earned a starring role in our round-up. Rowling participated in a brief question and answer session with her followers confirming that Hogwarts was a school open to all. After a number of questions regarding students of different faiths, and discussing original characters that featured in the first book, one Twitter user asked whether Hogwarts was a safe school for the LGBT community, to which Rowling replied with this winner of a Tweet. Well done!

When we sat down to write our Christmas list this year, we noticed there were only two things that were really missing from our lives: a toasty fireplace for cold winter evenings, and Hogwarts-esque owl to perch gracefully nearby. The folks over at Hootsuite must have read our minds. Their 40 minute video features Snoopy the Saw-whet owl, borrowed from the O.W.L (orphaned wild life) Rehabilitation Sanctuary in Canada, and they’ll be selling plushies of their logo Owly, with all proceeds going to the charity. We’re feeling warm and fuzzy, and it isn’t just the fire.

Be A Social Star!

What if your life depended on the amount of likes and followers you had? Stock footage company Dissolve have used their database of imagery to imagine a virtual world in which you can thrive or epic fail, all based on your online social status. In this made-up video game, called ‘Like Hunter: Become A Social Star!’, your chosen avatar needs to rack up likes, friends, and followers in order to stay alive. Earn points for a well-timed selfie, constant updates and photos from your latest long distance trip, or for sharing a photo of an adorable animal. We can only hope one day in the future this made-up game hits the shelves!

Likehunter: Become a Social Star from Dissolve on Vimeo.

Vine Of The Week

Best Buy have been busy putting together a series of Holiday Hacks, just in time for Christmas. Our favorite Vine this week is a hack that can help you make a panoramic video of friends and family opening their gifts using a GoPro camera. All you need to do is get an egg timer from the kitchen, add your Go Pro, and you’ve got cherished memories. Clever. The Best Buy hacks also includes handy advice such as using a banana to fix scratches on a CD, perfect for that festive carol CD that’s been rattling around in your glove box since last Christmas.

The A-Listers

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is having a very merry festive season, after being awarded BBC Sports Personality earlier in the week - making him the first Formula One driver to receive the award since 1996. Now in celebration, he’s been flaunting his latest set of wheels on Instagram.

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

  • It just got even harder to figure out whether that friend of yours on Instagram was fibbing when they declared #NoFilter. Instagram have given their followers the gift of five brand new filters this week, the first addition they’ve made in two years. The new filters are intended to be much more subtle than the current bunch, making gentle enhancements and adjustments to photos. The new filters are: Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. They’ve also added the ability to manage your filters, meaning you can dismiss the ones you don’t use, and get them back, whenever you like.
  • Social networking site of yesteryear Bebo has risen from the dead, as the original founder purchased the social network back from AOL and have reimagined it as a trendy mobile app to message friends. Though primarily a messaging app, Bebo also mashes up hashtags and the ability to create your own custom cartoon avatar, for an interesting twist of chatting to your friends. Using hashtags can make your avatar perform actions, unlock special activities, and more - this dedicated account can give you a sneak peek at what hashtags can do. Is this the triumphant return of Bebo?
  • Remember when Pocahontas sang about painting with all the colours of the wind? Well, what if time had a colour? Perplex yourself over these abstract questions no longer, somebody has created a clock which corresponds with hex colours, to give you the king of all color-changing clocks.

Seen anything else worth sharing in the world of social media this week? Let us know in the comments.

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