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CMO Series: Unlocking True Personalisation Through Segmentation

Mar 19, 2015 9:57:34 AM

Principles Of Engagment Twitter Segmentation Personalisation

At the Argyle CMO Executive forum, 35% of executive attendees agreed that delivering personalised content was their greatest challenge, while audience segmentation was also highlighted as a real headache issue for many. Poor targeting and disjointed communication with zero personalisation across your marketing channels will result in dismal ROI, so marketers need a way of reaching their customers on a level that syncs as closely to their actions, needs and preferences as possible.

To help overcome this challenge, Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia outlined a framework for marketers to use when engaging with potential customers. According to these principles, you should be looking to engage customers in the following way.

  • As individuals
  • Based on behaviour
  • Continuously over time
  • Directed towards an outcome
  • Everywhere they are

The open nature of Twitter and its segmentation possibilities when combined with SocialBro mean that Twitter should be a prime focus for when adhering to these principles. Here’s how it can be used to engage customers on a more personal level using these five principles:

As Individuals

Create Tailored Audience Lists & Campaigns

With Tailored Audience campaigns in Twitter Ads, you can run a campaign that will only be seen by a select number of people, narrowing down to the individual user you want to target. So let’s say you ran a real time Twitter marketing campaign with thousands of engagements. You can determine which users don’t follow you, put them into a Twitter list and then further segment the list based on sub-sections of your target audiences’ behaviour. With the new insight into these users, you can run a more tailored follow-up Twitter Ad campaigns specifically for them. This way your Promoted Tweets will be more relevant.

Take Advantage Of Granular Segmentation Of Twitter Users

With Twitter users publicly making so many facets of themselves available, marketers are able to use segmentation tools to identify a precise cross-section of their audience, a competitor’s audience, or any group of Twitter users they wish to target or learn more about.

Based On Behaviour

Use Insights From Their Tweets

Your Twitter Ads campaigns can be used to target prospects based on specific things they’ve Tweeted. Further segmentation available with Twitter marketing tools allows you to target them based on behaviour such as when they’ve Tweeted, who they’re following (or not following), how influential their behaviour has made them, and how often they Tweet.

Use Their Email Campaign Responses

Using your email marketing database, you can use Twitter to retarget your campaigns based on how people react to your email campaigns. If a group failed to respond to an email offer on shoes, but opened one on scarves, then you can take all of those email addresses and import them into SocialBro to find each individual’s associated Twitter profile. You can then further segment the list based on the Twitter insights you discover. Use the list as a tailored audience in Twitter Ads to promote a Tweet related to scarves, which your email campaign findings suggest they may be more interested in.

Monitor Which Groups Are Spending The Most

Twitter’s new Transaction Values feature (more details here) you can now see how much people are actually spending when they respond to your Twitter Ads campaign. This gives you the opportunity to set up multiple campaigns with different segmentations applied to them, allowing you to test which groups of people are driving the highest ROI and increase spending on the campaigns targeting those groups.

Continuously Over Time

Keep On Top Of Changes In Your Audience’s Behaviour

Once you have begun to create segmented Twitter lists to target your audience with, you can simply rerun your search queries on a continuous basis. Or tweak them based on your campaign needs. This keeps your communications relevant to individual users by adapting to any changes in their Twitter activity, influence, or preferences.

Enrich Your Email Database Based On Twitter Segmentation Insights

Communication across channels can be kept consistent by taking those lists on Twitter and marrying them up with your email database. As you update your Twitter lists with the aforementioned segmentation over time, you can put people into different email lists depending on the signals you are receiving from them on Twitter. This helps your whole digital marketing strategy adapt to the individual.

New Call-to-action

Directed Towards An Outcome

Use Truly Personalised DM Campaigns

Your Twitter marketing should also be directed towards outcomes that are relevant to the person receiving them. Use segmentation to provide a list of users who are most likely to be pleased to receive your message and offer via DM. For example, let’s imagine you are running a London based event for professionals in a specific industry. The outcome you want would be event registration. So you can build a personalised campaign targeted at London based followers with specific job titles that had been active on Twitter in the last month mentioning specific keywords relevant to your industry.

Segment Your Audience To Give Offers/Content That They Want

A segmented Tailored Audience list can be used to deliver content, offers, and discounts to the exact people who would be the most likely to convert into customers. One instance where this could deliver results would be if you were a high-end shoe retailer, who wanted to connect with influential fashionably-minded females by offering them a downloadable style bible for the upcoming season.

So the outcome you’re after would be downloads of that eBook, giving you email addresses of desirable customers. You could segment a list of Twitter users to target who had mentioned ‘shoes’ in the last month, who have ‘fashion’ in their bio, who have a Kred score of over 500 (showing they have some influence), who are based in your country, and who are following Vogue magazine. This means you’re not potentially paying for your Tweet to drive leads from people that your brand is not aimed at.

Everywhere They Are

Use Twitter Insights For Your Cross-channel Marketing

Marketing professionals naturally want to be everywhere their target audience is. Twitter insights about the target audience can help marketers enrich their customer database and be more efficient when executing other channel campaigns, like email and direct mail.

For example, a retail group with multiple subsidiaries wanting to acquire more customers for one of their fashion chains could use SocialBro and identify new customer opportunities by targeting followers of the other group subsidiaries. They could then identify where there are prominent follower crossover patterns (but the followers are not customers of the fashion brand) and target these follower with exclusive offers through DM, email and direct mail messages.

These are a selection of the ways that Twitter can help you to engage with your audience in the manner. What are some other ways that you have found to deliver personalised communication with your audience using Twitter?

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