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[eBook] The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencers

Feb 8, 2016 11:09:45 AM

[LANZAMIENTO] Conecta con audiencias hipersegmentadas dentro y fuera de Twitter

A study by Fashion & Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy discovered that 73% of respondents find it a challenge to find the right influencers to collaborate with. It also highlighted how 84% of them are still manually searching social media to find those influencers. A sturdier, data-backed approach will put you streets ahead of many competitors.

A data-backed approach can be used to discover influencers of all sizes, for any brand. If you want to decide on which Hollywood A-lister to pick for a campaign, it can help ensure you get the one who is most likely to resonate with your audience. But it can also dig deeper and find the niche stars, bloggers, and other under the radar figures who can still pack considerable clout among specific groups.

The large amount of segmentable individual data available on Twitter’s open network means it’s a perfect place to begin the audience analysis which will introduce you to the ideal influencers for your campaigns.

Download our free eBook: The Retail Marketer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Influencer to see how to adopt a smarter approach to looking for who to represent your brand. It also includes exclusive insights from marketers who have worked with PUMA, DigitasLBi, and River Island.

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