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Insights activation (III): how to validate the results of your marketing campaigns using social data [with case study]

May 31, 2018, 10:27:05 PM

This week we publish the last post in this series about insights activation. After the articles on how to activate consumer insights extracted from social data in the pre-campaign phases, and in the production and execution of marketing campaigns, today we'll talk about how to implement this information and knowledge in the post-campaign phase.

Once a campaign is finished it's time to analyze and evaluate the results obtained with the marketing actions you carried out. Has it been a successful campaign whose objectives were achieved? Did it impact on those audiences identified in the pre-campaign phase?

When analyzing the performance of a campaign, some of the main points of interest to be analyzed with respect to the audience are:

  • To know which audiences participated or interacted with the campaign.
  • The acquisition of market share thanks to the campaign (which part of the audience that interacted with the campaign is also the competitor's audience).
  • To know in depth what the audience that engaged/participated in the campaign is like.
  • Which influencers and what content had the greatest impact during the campaign.

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Social data allows us to quickly and easily answer all these questions, in order to validate the audience of the campaign. The insights obtained about these users can not only be used as content for any post-campaign analysis report, but they can also lay the foundation for follow-up campaigns on key segments. The insights allow these campaigns to be adapted to each group, shape the creative and content strategies, and can also define the media plan for these new actions.

The example of HP UK

In 2016, as part of the partnership between Universal Music and Hewlett Packard (HP), HP UK launched #ReinventMusic: a marketing action with The Vamps during the "Back to School" campaign (one of the strongest sales campaigns in the technology industry), to promote their Pavilion x30 product during this initial period of the new school year. Their more traditional segmentation (where their audiences of interest had always been the decision makers for technology purchases, small and medium-sized companies, etc.) was put to the test with this new campaign ... What happened after the campaign? Were other segments of interest discovered which could be targeted?

The insights report about the audience of HP UK after the campaign in question shows 5 well differentiated and identifiable segments, with detailed and valuable information about each of these groups.

Audiense Insights - HP UK - Insights Report 1

Audiense Insights - HP UK - Insights Report 2

As we can see, the audience of the technology brand now has segments linked to the world of music ("The Vamps & Music" and "Young Pop Lovers") as a result of the campaign with The Vamps. With this action @HPUK attracted a segment with marked differences with respect to the traditional "technology purchasing decision-maker". This provides the answer to the question about the audiences that participated and engaged with the campaign. It also provides valuable information, after having connected with this audience, to help cultivate the relationship in a way that is relevant to that segment.

With all the information that consumer insights extracted from social data provides, it would be very easy to inform the agency working with @HPUK about the segments that should make up the target audience of their future campaigns, what strategic and differentiated content will have an impact on these groups of consumers, which potentially will result in a higher response rate thanks to the personalization of the message.

Again we have seen how the insights extracted from social data are easily integrated and actionable in the different phases of a marketing campaign, from start to finish. If you too want to extract the maximum from your campaigns thanks to this kind of intelligence, don't hesitate to request a demo of Audiense Insights and we'll show you how to boost the ROI of your campaigns through social data.

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