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Introducing Mention Helper, making it easier to connect with your Twitter community

Sep 5, 2013 11:34:00 AM

Today we’re releasing an awesome new tool called Mention Helper, which allows you to add multiple users to a tweet directly from your SocialBro dashboard, perfect for thanking your new followers or engaging with particular members of your Twitter community, and also for recommending users to follow in #followfriday tweets. We have created a short 3 minute tutorial to guide you through the process and help you locate the information that can be used to formulate your mentions. 

As most of you know #Followfriday or #FF has been an ongoing tradition where Twitter users take the opportunity to recommend people they believe their community would benefit from following, for example profiles that often tweet valuable content related to their industry. Our new Mention Helper tool simplifies the usual process of trawling through your Twitter timeline and interactions page to find users.

Using SocialBro filters you can locate all of the users who have mentioned or retweeted you recently (eg. in the past day, week, month) and you then filter within them or review the interactions to find the particular users you wish to mention. The tool also works perfectly alongside Tweet Analytics, where you can directly thank those who have shared your content.

Mention Helper can be found in the “Engagement” section of the toolbar as it is useful for helping you to interact with your community, encouraging users to retweet your posts and gaining #FF recommendations in return, which will in turn expand your reach.

Check out the tutorial video below that we have created for you to demonstrate the different uses of the Mention Helper tool.

What makes the tool extra useful

  • The pop-up window allows you to compose the tweet from any page
  • You can add users from any of the different widgets and searches
  • SocialBro’s search bars and filters allow you to easily locate the users you wish to mention e.g. those who have recently tweeted about you or shared your content or your influential followers, new followers etc.
  • You can select the number of users you wish to mention in each tweet
  • There is an option of posting the tweet as a reply or as a regular tweet to control if you want your all of your followers to see the posts or not.

This tool is easy to use, should save you time and will make the recommendation process more accurate, so we hope you find it useful!

For any more information on how to use our Mention Helper tool please see the user guide or take a look at our Mention Helper tutorial video above.

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