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Leverage consumer insights to develop content and achieve your marketing objectives

May 3, 2018 12:51:15 PM

According to data from the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketing professionals and 86% of those in the B2C sector use content marketing. Gartner also says that marketing teams spend approximately 30% of their budget to content creation.

Looking at these three figures, it's more than evident that content marketing is one of the main issues for marketers today and, as such, is a source of challenges that have to be faced daily in order to generate ROI, in the same way as other marketing activities.

We've compiled some of the main problems and challenges that content marketers face. Can you identify yourself in any of these situations?

  • A lack of time and/or resources.
  • The challenge of constantly generating high-quality content that is relevant and of interest, which attracts the target audience and in the long term positions well in terms of SEO.
  • The difficulty of keeping up with online conversations and the hottest trending topics.
  • A lack of time to investigate and analyze the different "customer personas" that make up the target audience and produce content according to each profile.
  • The lack of content promotion after its publication.
  • Demonstrate and increase the ROI of the content.

If in your day to day you face any of these situations, we're sure that what we are about to tell you will be of great interest.

Consumer Insights can, to a large extent, be the solution to many of the problems we've listed. Social data and its analysis can help content creators work more efficiently and successfully. The use of adequate technology for the analysis of this social data allows the extraction of insights that help in the development of three fundamental aspects of content creation:

  • In-depth understanding of the target audience.
  • Identify the topics of interest for audiences and specific segments.
  • Promote content in the appropriate channels based on the target audiences.

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Identify and understand your customer personas

Insights extracted from social data can provide you with valuable information that allows you to outline in great detail what the customer personas of your target audience are like. You can obtain detailed information about:

  • Demographics and geographical distribution. Understand in detail who these people are: sex, age, where they live, etc. and adapt your content to the maximum.
  • Their personality traits. Are they introverted? Do they like to challenge the established norms? Use these characteristics to inspire the tone of your content.
  • Niche segments. Within your audience you will be able to identify different segments with characteristics that make them unique and different from each other. Grouping individuals in these segments you can address each of them with the appropriate message and content.

Get inspired by the most relevant content for your audience

To investigate which is the content that generates the most interest in your target audience requires a large amount of one of your most valuable resources: time. From social data you can obtain valuable insights such as:

  • See which is the content that has most resonance amongst your target segments and the topics that generate conversation around them. You will be able to participate in the most relevant conversations and thus increase your brand awareness.
  • Discover which are the most used hashtags and keywords of your target audience. Monitoring these terms will allow you to always be up-to-date and to become a trusted source.
  • Identify their preferred formats. Are they oriented towards visual media such as videos and photographs or do they prefer written content such as ebooks or articles in blogs?

Spread and promote your content in the right channels

The best content in the world is worthless if it doesn't reach the right people. Maximize the ROI of the content you generate by putting it within easy reach of the widest possible audience.

  • Find out which are the most relevant social networks for your audience and distribute your content there.
  • Discover the ideal moment to share your content. Not only is it necessary to know where but another critical aspect is when your target audiences are online.
  • Use the most relevant influencers to amplify the reach of your content. Identify those who have the most affinity with and are the most unique individuals for your target audience and work with them to help spread your content.
  • Publish as a guest writer on the relevant niche sites for your audience. Find out which publications your audience reads frequently and become a new author in these publications.
  • Distribute your content on different websites and platforms. Are your target audience regulars on Medium or LinkedIn? Make sure your content is where your audience is.
  • Direct your paid campaigns to the right audience. Use the appropriate technology to segment your online advertising campaigns to the appropriate targets on the right platforms to maximize your CTR. Why would you launch your paid ads for segment X on Facebook if those individuals have a greater presence and activity on Twitter?

As you can see the correct combination of the right technology and human talent will lead the way for your content marketing strategy to go from simply being a great idea to becoming a very successful reality.

If you want to extract the most valuable insights for your content marketing strategy from the social data of your audiences, request a demo of Audiense Insights today and we'll help you discover everything that consumer insights can do to make your content a success.

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