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[NEW FEATURE] Influencers Report: Identify influencers based on audience data

Mar 7, 2018 3:00:37 AM

Our mission is to provide our clients with audience intelligence and activation at scale in social, digital and offline channels. In other words, we want to make it easier to personalize and to deliver their message more effectively. We're happy to announce that we've taken another step along this path, and again it's thanks to the feedback we received from our users: today we launch Influencers Report.

When we talk about influencer marketing with our clients and professionals in the marketing industry, we repeatedly receive the same comments about the problems they face in their day to day:

  • They carry out the identification of influencers very manually. This means limited effectiveness to find the right influencer and a time-consuming process.
  • The tools they currently use put at their disposal a broad sample of influencers, which are only available for larger budgets. In most cases, an investment of this size cannot be justified.
  • This catalogue of influencers, although "classifiable", is the same for everyone and doesn't relate the target audience to its influencers. This makes the success of selecting the influencers a pure lottery.

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What does the Influencers Report offer?

The Influencers Report that we launch today helps alleviate many of the disadvantages of influencer campaigns at a strategic and tactical level:

  • We identify niche influencers: we provide a set of unique micro-influencers for that audience and we also do it at scale.
  • We offer a list of influencers who really are relevant for each audience in just a couple of hours.
  • The audience analysis on which the Influencers Report is based makes it possible to validate that the influencers are relevant to the analyzed segment: they are influencers that have a close relationship with their audiences, and so are hard to find with the usual methods and tools.
  • We provide detailed information about the social networks in which they are located, which allows potential influencers to be found in channels such as Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.
  • Do you want to connect with the thousands of influencers that you've identified? Easy, connecting Audiense Insights with Audiense Connect can make that group of influencers a target audience for you to communicate with.

Do you want to give this new report about influencers a try right now? Create your free Audiense Insights account and start optimizing to the maximum your influencer marketing campaigns!

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