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[Practical Guide] How to identify influential novices

Dec 21, 2017 10:20:15 AM

[Practical Guide] How to identify influential novicesOver the past year, we have touched upon identifying the most relevant influencers for a given audience on multiple occasions. From the different types of influencers to our methodology of identification, we have scratched the surface of it all. Before the end of 2017, it was only right to look beneath the surface and highlight an in-depth approach to identifying not just influencers but novice influencers.

Methodically identifying influencers

Before we turn our attention to identifying novice influencers let's take a quick look at our standardized methodology which includes:

  • Identification of the relevant audience: Prior to making any strategic decisions it is essential to fully understand the audience you are looking to analyse. In order for that to happen, it is necessary to define an accurate criteria for the audience to meet or topical conversations they are taking part in.
  • Understanding the audience: Once the most relevant audience has been identified you can begin uncovering their social activity trends (who they follow, what content they share, what they like etc.) From this data, you are able to gather valuable insights on demographics, personalities, preferences as consumers and interests, in turn, developing a clear picture of who they are. This intelligence enables you to create segment-specific campaigns and identify relevant influencers.
  • Other considerations to take into account:
    • Establishing an influencer hierarchy: In order to create an accurate influencer hierarchy, the affinity of an audience to an influencer is cross-referenced with the uniqueness of the influencer across social networks.
    • The type of influencer:
        • Macro-influencers: The "celebrity" type with a large community and the ability to make a campaign go viral.
        • Micro-influencers: Individuals with authority in a specific area and a following unique to their niche.
        • Conversational Influencers: When an audience is based on a conversation there are certain individuals that drive the conversation that have the ability to be macro or micro influencers.

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A novice influencer...Really?

Yes really! Novice influencers could be the answer to your campaigning dilemmas. There are a number of benefits associated with using an influencing novice, let's take look:

  • Maximising your budget: You are able to work with novice influencers on much tighter budgets in comparison to using an established influencer persona.
  • Exclusivity: It is highly unlikely that a novice will be associated with a number of brands. You may even be the first which would allow you to mold your brand social image as you wish.
  • Rapport: Effective influencer marketing requires the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and the influencer. Nurturing that relationship will enable you to tap into their network for all future campaigns.

How to get there… with a working example

In addition to the standardized approach, you are able to add on further criteria to identify the latest upcoming influencers.

1. Define your target audience: Having defined a UK millennials audience (for a previous blog post) we will be using it as the working example.

2. Understand your audience: Generate an insights report to uncover in-depth intelligence on the individuals that make up the defined audience. In this case, we will be working with two audiences: Female UK Millennials and Male UK Millennials.

Audiense - Insights Report - Persona - Millennials Female UKAudiense - Insights Report - Persona - Millennials Male UK

3. Narrow down your influencer options: The insights report will provide you with an extensive list of influencers from which those who suit your needs and budget are to be selected.

Audiense - Insights Report - Influencers - Millennials Female UKAudiense - Insights Report - Influencers - Millennials Male UK

4. Identify the novices: Utilize the account age filter in their social profiles to define how new you want your influencers to be. In this example, we chose to look at influencers who joined the social scene only a year ago. Just remember some of the social profiles may be established personas who have only recently joined the social sphere.

Audiense - Insights Report - Influencers less than one year old profiles - Millennials UK

5. Generate a hierarchy ranking: With a short list in hand generate a hierarchy ranking of those influencers with a greater affinity among your audience. Based on that hierarchy you will be able to work your way down the list carrying out individual qualitative analysis of each influencer identifying common interests, platform use/presence, type of content shared, brands associated (possible partnership opportunities) etc.

Audiense - Insights Report - Latecomer Influencers By Affinity - Millennials UK

If you are interested in identifying influencing novices for your brand, sign up for a free Audiense Insights account and generate your complimentary report!


This blog is a translation from the Spanish original, written by Paz Segura, for the Audiense Spanish blog.

Uncover the most relevant influencers for your audience - Explore Audiense Insights

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