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[PRODUCT UPDATE] 🎵 Show me more show me more….

Nov 9, 2018 4:15:09 PM

Hey there!🙋🏽 We are delighted to let you know that you are now able to request additional segments and hide ones you’d rather not see within our Audience Intelligence report.

What are the main benefits of requesting segments? Creating segments in Audience Insights allows you to uncover new niche audience segments you never knew you had. Find your best customers by profiling their preferences, behaviour and motivations Create content strategies that will engage your customers and drive your business forward. Define the appropriate channels and platforms to target your audience.


By allowing our customer to delete segments from our reports, we are giving users full control of the data. helping them ignore the noise in this crazy world of information, and helping them focus on what's really relevant for their strategy.

Why? Well, after requests from you we found that we could help you dig further into your audiences to uncover new potential markets and grow your community and brand!

Learn how to select and delete segments here or sign up for free! And as always we love to hear your feedback so let us know what you think so tweet us or send across your thoughts to our Product team at

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