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Refining your Twitter searches with advanced syntax!

May 25, 2011 12:49:00 PM

Today we will talk about the Advanced Syntax on SocialBro. You may think that this functionality is for programmers, but you are wrong. The Advanced Syntax can be very useful to search by different criteria!

In the field up the application, you can combine your search in different ways. For example, if you are looking in the whole community to people who are from Boston or London and put in their bio Marketing or Social, for example, you can do this:

location:boston+london bio:marketing+social

So, the basic rules are:

  • All characters without spaces.
  • The sign + means "OR"
  • The sign - means "NOT"
  • Double quotes mean you are searching an exact phrase, like "social media".
  • For searches into the Name, you must write: name:____
  • For searches into the Bio, you must write: bio:_____
  • For searches into the Location, you must write: location:____

If your searches are on the name, bio or location you can also use the filter menu. But there is a feature that is not on this menu that is to search an URL. If you want to find in your community, for example, all people who use their LinkedIn profile on their Twitter bio, you can write: url:linkedin. Or their Facebook profile: url:facebook.

These are only some tips! If we have missed anything or if you want to provide any advice on the advanced syntax, let us know!

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