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Social Buzz Awards: Understanding the Super Stars of the Social Media Industry

Dec 7, 2017 11:03:32 AM

Social Buzz Awards: Understanding the Super Stars of the Social Media IndustryOn Wednesday night (29th November 2017) Audiense sponsored the Social Buzz Awards and we had a great night, despite several sore heads in the morning. The Social Buzz awards by The Drum, for (yes, you guessed it) best use of social. Take a look at all the categories, nominees and winners, here.

Having spent the night learning about the work of various inspirational people, I wanted to understand which traits are necessary to become a social media wizard and create a top campaign. I ran one of our Audiense Insights report on the @Buzz_Awards and those talking about #SMBuzzAwards, take a look at my findings below.

I’ve always believed teamwork is the key to success and Audiense’s personality insights confirmed that this group of people had the makings of a great team. They were friendly and analytical yet trusting and see the best in others. Unsurprisingly, the analysis demonstrated that to be a member of a high performing social team you have to enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and be extremely driven. This group are efficient, always willing to seek new opportunities to improve themselves and demonstrate their capabilities. If I am ever going to win an award at the Social Buzz awards, I am definitely going to have to work my ass off!

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Personality Insights

I’d also better get a move on as the report showed how young this audience was. In fact, the majority (69%) of people were 34 or younger. (Perhaps, this is unsurprising given that social media marketing became a phenomenon in the last 10 years.)

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Age

As we have demonstrated teamwork is central to running a successful social campaign. Furthermore, research demonstrates that mixed teams are stronger and this audience is certainly diverse. I discovered that 61% of the full audience was based in the UK and Ireland and remaining 39% of this audience was made up from countries such as; USA and Canada (16%), Netherlands (2%), Japan(2%), Brazil (2%), Korea (1%), Germany (1%), Australia (1%).

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Location

Personally, I loved the diversity of this audience and this wasn’t limited to nationalities; I was delighted to see an almost even split across men and women, with the scale just tipping slightly in the favour of girl power. The quality of the campaigns produced by this audience definitely proves diversity is a winner if you are going to be part of an award-winning team!

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Gender

Using these insights I have begun to learn the required traits I would need in order to make it in this industry. I had been given a few business cards on the night but how was I going to get in touch with these people to learn more? This group were predominantly professionals so I was unsurprised to find that 34x more of these people were on Linkedin compared to the global baseline. If I ever wanted to impress these social wizards I should make sure I feature my award-winning campaign on Linkedin.

What did surprise me was the number of people on Snapchat (12.5x global baseline) compared to Twitter (1.5X global baseline). This indicated that instead of asking for people’s Twitter handles throughout the night, I should have been asking them to add me on Snapchat…?

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Social Media Presence

I’m still buzzing (pun intended) from the awards and in order to get involved in the conversation I wanted to see the ‘hot content’ being shared by this audience. The content most shared were Youtube videos from the night with the most popular three being about the lovely people at We Are Social. I was fortunate enough to be sat on a table with the team whilst they picked up a whopping 4 awards; Most Innovative use of Social, Best Use of Group/Community, Best Use of a Chatbot and Social Media Agency/Team of the Year.

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Hot Content

Now I have my insights on some of the top people in the social world I can start my journey towards becoming a social media guru. As a final point, I wanted to highlight the irony that for social media experts, social media and online ads actually had little impact on these people compared to the global audience.

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Purchase influence factors

Want to learn more about this audience?

Well, this audience is made up of people following @Buzz_Awards and those talking about #SMBuzzAwards and within this Audience we found 10 very distinct segments:

Audiense Insights - Social Buzz Awards - Segments Distribution


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