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SocialBro integrates with Salesforce and Nimble to become a key part of your sales process

Aug 14, 2013 3:09:00 PM

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If you use Twitter for sales or to generate leads then you will find our newest integrations particularly useful. Imagine if the social media and the sales teams could collaborate to create business opportunities from your Twitter contacts, well now they can easily do this!

Today we are launching integrations with two powerful CRM platforms, Salesforce -the enterprise cloud computing leader that allows you to easily manage your customer information and close deals quickly- and Nimble, a tool that offers small businesses some of the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the power of social media. These integrations will allow your social media team to easily identify leads using SocialBro Pro and instantly send them to Salesforce or Nimble, where your sales team can engage and convert them. You can also now easily view any information you have about these contacts in either of the applications without leaving our platform.

At the bottom of this blog post you can watch two videos demonstrating how the integrations work.

Twitter is an essential driver in sales

A study conducted by Deloitte earlier this year found that Twitter is now an essential driver in sales and that positive tweets about a brand can directly influence a company’s sales and not just via word-of-mouth. Their results showed that a 30% increase in positive tweets about a brand is four times more effective in driving sales than a 30% increase in traditional above the line advertising. When users follow you or interact with you on Twitter they can drive sales by spreading the word about you to their own Twitter communities. Monitoring your Twitter interactions allows you to detect who has an interest in your brand and therefore could be a potential lead.

On your SocialBro dashboard you can view all of the users who have recently mentioned or retweeted you and you can instantly export them to Salesforce or Nimble, where leads can be followed up and engaged with to be converted into customers. You can also filter within your followers, your competitor’s community or the whole of Twitter e.g. by industry or looking at conversations to find possible sales opportunities or partnerships.

Take advantage of tags and notes in SocialBro

With the Nimble integration you can also take advantage of the ability to categorize your community in SocialBro using tags and notes. Previously you have been able to use SocialBro to find users to target, enhance your engagement and to improve your CRM. Now you can take this one step further by exporting your SocialBro contacts in bulk along with their tags to Nimble, where your sales team can view their details and any notes you have added.

Please see our user guide pages for more information on how to export your Twitter contacts from SocialBro to Salesforce and Nimble.

Both of these integrations have been designed to turn SocialBro into a key part of your sales process and we believe you will find them really useful!

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