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Using Social Data to revolutionise Human Resources

Nov 22, 2017 11:51:08 AM

Using Social Data to revolutionise Human ResourcesThis is a guest post written by Nicolás Castro, Digital Marketing Manager at The Adecco Group in Spain.

When Audiense approached me to feature as a guest writer on their blog there was no hesitation to accept. I was more than happy to reveal how we are using social data to change the course of Human Resources history thanks to Audiense.

The relationship we share with Audiense dates back to the days of SocialBro. Even back then we were engrossed with the innovative nature of the Audiense platform and have grown to love all the transformational product developments made over the last few years.

In my years of experience I have not witnessed a human resources company use Social Data as innovatively as Adecco has.

Javier Burón
CEO, Audiense

In 2015 we pioneered the use of Personality Insights offered by Audiense (then SocialBro) through its partnership with IBM Watson. In an effort to maximize our campaigns response rate and participation metrics we identified and selected the relevant individuals from within our audience that were most likely to engage and share information based on the data provided by Audiense: Personality Insights.

Nicolás Castro, Digital Marketing Manager at The Adecco Group in Spain Nicolás Castro, Digital Marketing Manager at The Adecco Group in Spain

Undoubtedly, 2015 marked the beginning of our insights journey, shifting our primary social media focus to the application of insights to users and social data. Thanks to Audiense, we are able to send our users relevant information.

The Adecco Group believes although data is valuable it is actually what is behind the data that we consider to be our most important asset: the individuals. Our digital strategy focuses on our candidates and our clients. They are the reason for our growth and success.

The very nature of our business, the management of human resources, clearly defines a number of segments based on a variety aspects. From the type of candidates, we work with to industry sectors in which jobs are offered and desired all make up our target audience.

Over the last few months, we have been working on analysing and extracting consumer insights. One of our challenges has been to accurately identify and better understand the individuals that make up the defined segments of our target audience. Through these insights, we have been able to inform our communication and media strategies.

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Understanding these audiences and segments have been made possible for us through the use of Audiense. With a combination of demographic data (such as location, gender and language), how users describe themselves, how they relate to their social landscape, their online behaviour and the type of content consumed we are able to paint a clearer picture of each segment and the individuals within it. For us, identifying a variety of segments from within a general group allows us to personalise communication for each segment.

Another data set we seemed to use readily to inform our strategic decisions was identifying influencers and specific interests. In turn, we were able to generate well-defined strategies resulting in optimized communication across several target groups and personalized brand interactions.

We have recently carried out an analysis of the developer community in Spain. Take a look at our data!

Audiense Insights - Developers

Audiense Insights - Developers - Clusters 1

Audiense Insights - Developers - Clusters 2

Audiense Insights - Developers - Clusters 3

What are our future plans? To continue the use of consumer insights as a foundation for all strategic decision making processes from a communication perspective as well as wider company efforts.

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