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You talk, we listen: a bunch of improvements!

Apr 12, 2018 3:16:15 AM

One of the biggest driving forces of new developments and improvements is the feedback we receive from our users and customers. Our R&D team feeds heavily off the demands of our clients as a source of inspiration to improve our products in line with needs. In recent weeks we've made a series of features and improvements available that, as our users have confirmed, make their lives easier and help them achieve their marketing objectives.

Do you want to know what Audiense's latest additions have been that can help you in your market analysis and influencer marketing actions? Then keep reading…


Socio-economic data

By popular demand, we have created within the Audience Intelligence reports a new tab that includes socio-economic data about the audiences and segments analyzed.

Audiense Insights - Socioeconomics tab

This new functionality helps to better define your marketing campaigns, reaching the right audience with the right message. With this new knowledge source, users have this socio-economic data at their fingertips in just a couple of clicks.

The data included in this new category are:

  • Education level.
  • Job industry.
  • Relationship status.
  • Family status.
  • Household income and political affiliation. (Only for US audiences)

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New audience summary view

With the aim of making all the information in our reports more accessible, a new summary view has been designed, showing the most relevant information of the audience profile in a concise and simplified format.

This new summary view allows you to understand the audience being analyzed at first glance before delving into the more interesting details that users pursue to achieve their objectives. It's ideal for those client or colleague presentations when you want to give an overview of an audience.

Audiense Insights - New audience summary view

The following information is included on this summary screen:

  • The most prominent demographic data.
  • Relevant brands and people, ranked by uniqueness for that audience.
  • The most prominent media the audience consumes content from.


Content and popular hashtags

We now provide a list of the most popular hashtags with a link to search content with these tags in multiple networks.

With this information content marketers can gain in-depth knowledge of their target audience to generate high-quality content and community managers can immediately participate in conversations that are relevant to their target audiences.

Audiense Insights - Content and popular hashtags


Influencers Report

Our most recent launch has been the Influencers Report, which provides our users with the necessary information to strategically and tactically improve their influencer marketing campaigns.

The report generates, in just a couple of hours, a list of influencers relevant to the defined audience. The influencers that are identified have a close relationship with their audiences and so will be the most valuable influencers for your brand and for your campaigns.

Audiense Insights - Influencers Report

At Audiense we work hard to develop products that make your day-to-day life easier. We're excited to share our news with you and we love receiving your feedback in order to offer you the best Audiense experience. If you want to see at first hand ALL the possibilities and functionalities offered by Audiense Insights, request a 7-day test of the COMPLETE Audiense Insights platform.

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