Audiense for nonprofit

Audiense for Nonprofits

As the unfortunate global pandemic persists we would like to continue our support of non-profit organizations during these tough times. Our intention is to support organizations that are working hard to make the world a better place by ensuring they have one less thing to worry about whilst still getting their message across effectively.

See how we supported a nonprofit use audience targeting to raise $1M in the name of social justice! 

What is on offer?

We are providing eligible organisations with:

  • a 30% discount on one year subscriptions
  • a 50% discount on 2 year subscriptions of Audiense Insights:
    • Audiense Connect: The Twitter Marketing platform powered by the world's richest most actionable audience intelligence trusted by thousands of brands and companies.
    • Audiense Insights: Social consumer segmentation that helps marketers be innovative and develop relevant audience-centric strategies.


We have partnered with TechSoup and its global network to confirm eligibility. Be sure to check out their eligibility guidelines to see country-specific qualifications before beginning your application.

What benefit does this program offer non-profit organizations?

Now, more than ever, organizations need precise and perceptive insights about the state, feelings and needs of their target audiences to define their editorial and strategic focus in these difficult times. By offering our product and knowledge at no cost to those who need it most, we hope to help these organizations to inform, define and manage their marketing activities, and in turn generate authentic value.

Take a look at how a nonprofit used audience targeting to raise $1M for social justice!

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