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12 Tips To Craft Tweets That Will Get Retweeted

Rachel May Quin
Aug 4, 2014 1:05:19 PM


Looking for that perfect formula to create tweets that will get retweeted? Look no further. A good rule of thumb when writing tweets that will get retweeted is to make them interesting and relevant for your followers. We’ve got 12 simple tips and tricks to help craft expert tweets that should result in more retweets and better engagement from your Twitter followers.

1. Use images

Tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted. If you’re sharing content from your blog, why not attach the accompanying image to the tweet? The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, so a well-placed image on their Twitter feed is more likely to draw attention and retweets. Share them via Twitter, not Instagram or Facebook, as the same research found these sort of images are less than 50% likely to be retweeted. Twitter rewards people who get their dimensions just right by displaying images in the feed, so keep your images 440 by 220 pixels.

2. Size matters

Due to the 140 character restriction, Twitter already forces you to be concise with your communication, but there is an optimal length to maximize engagement. Tweets below 70 characters tend to get less interaction, the golden number for tweets that will get retweeted falls between 71 and 100 characters. Leaving around 40 characters makes space for any comments your retweeters might want to add, so aim for 100 characters maximum to make sure your tweets will get retweeted.

3. Choose words carefully

There is actual proof that your tweets are more likely to be retweeted if you’re polite! ‘Please’ is the 3rd most retweetable word according to research by Dan Zarrella. Try peppering your tweets with these words and phrases to see if they have any profound effects on your followers - using a Twitter analytics tool like Audiense can take the hard work out of analyzing the performance of your tweets for you. Also, if you’re sharing somebody else’s content, add your own thoughts or opinions to increase engagement with your community, increasing the likelihood of those all important retweets!

4. Be human

The main thing to remember here is that customers prefer to talk to actual human beings, not answering machines. Be friendly and even (dare we say) have a sense of humor, to make sure your tweets go down a treat and get retweeted. You can read more about making your Twitter communication less robotic here.

5. Add facts, figures and stats to your tweets

100% of people like to see facts, figures and stats in tweets. Just kidding. Still, backing up informative tweets with evidence has an impact on whether your tweets will be retweeted or not. For example, tweets including quotes are 30% more likely to be retweeted than those without. If you’re sharing a data-packed piece of content, pick out an interesting fact or figure that will drive people to read and retweet. News accounts do this well.

6. Use hashtags properly

Less is more. One or two relevant hashtags is more than enough for any tweet. Any more and you risk becoming known as a hashtag spammer, and nobody wants to talk to that person. In a study of 1.2 million tweets, it was found that a sprinkle of relevant hashtags can increase your retweets by 55%. Twitter offers guidance on how to use hashtags, as incorrect use can lead to a violation of their T&Cs, so give that a read before embarking on your hashtag journey.

7. Shorten your links

Get more from your links with tools like Research shows shortening your links with is likely to get more retweets than any other, probably because it’s a trusted name for shortening links and many businesses use it. In addition to this, allows you to track how many clicks your links get - giving you insight into what sort of content people want to read. Better yet, it’s free.

8. Be topical

Research by Hubspot indicates 80% of retweeted content is about news, and over 50% of retweeted content is entertainment-related. If there’s a current event relevant to your business you feel you could tweet about, dive in! Be aware that if a topic is particularly sensitive or controversial, it’s probably not worth the retweets to get involved. If you do make a social media faux pas, here’s how to avoid going up in flames.

9. Mention relevant people

Are you sharing a piece of content written by an influential thought leader, or quoting a great stat compiled by an excellent social media researcher? Why not tweet their handle? Acknowledging influential thought leaders, great bloggers and businesses in your tweets is a fantastic way of increasing shareability and getting them to retweet your content to their audience, who might want to retweet it to their audience, and so on. This is a really great thing to do if your tweet or the content you are sharing adds something to the discussion.

10. Know your optimum tweeting time

The dirty little secret behind creating tweets that will get retweeted is to give yourself the edge and find out when your followers are most active. Hold the phone, you don’t need to call a private investigator to start stalking your followers, we’ve got this. Our Best Time To Tweet tool pinpoints when your followers are most active and cleverly calculates when you should post for optimal engagement. Pretty clever right? Try it out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 14.22.11

11. Include a Call To Action (CTA)

Make sure your tweets include a CTA, so your followers know what you’d like them to do. Try adding a question related to your tweet, i.e. ‘we found this great recipe for poached eggs, how do you like yours?’ - just a suggestion, you don’t need to do things eggsactly like that (get it?). Telling your followers what you’d like them to do next is a great way of encouraging retweets and making sure that your tweets will get retweeted. This also highlights Twitter’s ability to drive traffic to your website, your blog or a dedicated landing page. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

12. What’s your purpose?

Our final piece of advice for crafting tweets that will get retweeted is to always think about the purpose of your tweets. Are you sharing awesome information with your followers? Promoting your latest blog post? Talking about a current event? Keeping your tweets focused, interesting and relevant will dramatically increase of your tweets being retweeted by your community.

Now you know how to craft tweets that will get retweeted, you can do so much more. Find out who is sharing your content with our Discover Retweeters tool, designed to help you pinpoint the people engaging with you on Twitter and reach out to an entirely new audience.

Identify, undesrtand and connect with your audiences. Start your Audiense trial now!

Got any other tips or stats for crafting tweets that will get retweeted? Let us know in the comments.

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