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19 use cases of audience intelligence within different campaign phases

Aug 29, 2019 3:01:52 PM

Audience intelligence is not only synonymous with innovation and technological disruption, but also one of the most valuable resources available to the different job roles that perform their activity within agencies, consultants or the brands that have them in-house, and also adds value to each of the phases and processes in the development of a campaign.

News such as the recent designation of Ipsos as the most innovative market research company in the world, or testimonies from renowned industry professionals on the importance of technology as part of the creative process, only support the idea that disciplines such as audience intelligence is an increasingly necessary asset for brands, agencies and consultants.

Who can benefit from audience intelligence?

When we think about the development of a campaign, we can distinguish three distinct phases:

  • The pre-campaign stage, with a strong strategic focus.
  • The second is the activation phase, when the campaign's execution itself takes place, the totally tactical aspect of this process.
  • The last would be the post-campaign phase, where the analysis and evaluation of the results mark the course of future actions.

Reviewing these three stages, we can identify different activities and groups of professionals involved in each of them, which are identified in the image below.

Audiense - Stakeholders in a brand campaign

All these roles can take advantage of the value of audience intelligence in the different phases of a campaign. As we will see below, audience intelligence adds concrete and unique insights that provide quantifiable value in multiple and different use cases, supplying solutions to most of the varied professionals involved in the campaigns.

What does audience intelligence contribute in the planning and strategy phase?

Audiense - Stakeholders in precampaing phaseCompetitive Intelligence

When talking about agencies or consultancies, audience intelligence informs their pitch. When it comes to strategy, what’s needed are in-depth insights on competition, their audience and the segments that compose it, and the campaigns they're working on.

Consumer Research & Segmentation

The insights provide a detailed description of the audiences and segments that compose them: their most relevant interests and behaviours, used to generate data-driven personas, on which to base strategy and, in the case of the agencies and consultants, around which they can elaborate the pitch for (potential) clients.

Influencer Marketing

Through audience intelligence, it is possible to identify, analyze and classify who are the most relevant and unique macro, micro and nano influencers for both the target audiences and for each of the segments that make up those interest groups.

Audience-centric Social Listening

Thanks to audience intelligence you can go further than the traditional keyword search strategy, both in historic and in real time conversations, creating social listening queries based on segment audiences and (macro, micro and nano) influencers.

Media Strategy

The ideal media mix can be generated by combining earned and paid media to develop the perfect strategy thanks to the insights provided by the audience intelligence: by discovering what social platforms and which media are the most suitable for the target audiences, totally customisable targeting can be created to effectively and efficiently impact the relevant audiences.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

The best opportunities to generate alliances and sponsorships will come to light when it is discovered which brands each target audience shows greater interest towards, and when the audience of a brand shows the greatest concordance in the intersection with the target audience.

Content Curation

Content strategies are another great benefit of audience intelligence. AI allows the discovery of what content resonates most for each different segment of target audiences, identifying both the content they consume and the publications on social networks with which they interact most.


The identification, planning and prioritization of stakeholders and segments with which to connect through the most appropriate communication channels is another of the values provided by audience intelligence. It also allows you to optimize the tone of voice and the key terms necessary to fully customize these communications.

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How can you exploit Audience Intelligence during activation campaigns?

Audiense - Stakeholders in precampaing phaseInfluencer Marketing

The identification of the macro and micro influencers in the planning and strategy phase allows these influencers to spark the fuse and direct the conversation during the execution of the campaign. There comes the possibility of influencer generated content to be used by the brand (as paid advertising) when they promote this branded content.

Audience-centric Social Listening

Identifying trends in conversation and generating “moments” in real time is one of the possibilities offered by audience intelligence. In this way, more relevant conversations can be created by segmenting audiences that talk about certain topics and obtain insights about these groups from the analysis of social data.

Media Strategy

Custom segmentations created during the previous phase can have others added to them with similar unique affinities, thanks to audience intelligence, becoming the basis for the promotion of the campaign on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, for the different audiences and segments identified.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

The previously identified audiences of collaborators for sponsorships and partnerships are the target audience of video pre-roll for the best content creators of the sector in question (sponsorship ads). Thus generating sponsorships based on valuable data on the audiences that can be reached through advertising.

Content Curation

The ability to personalize messages to attract and connect with different segments individually is one of the values generated by intelligence about audiences: by using the most popular keywords and terms used by each interest group and the selection of the channels that generate the best performance for each audience and segment.


At this point in the campaign, the influencers and journalists identified in the previous phase have to be tracked. Thanks to the listening platforms, the interests and activity of these profiles of interest can be identified, and that data can be used to connect with them through pitches based on those topics.

Analyzing campaign results through audience intelligence

Audiense - Stakeholders in postcampaing phaseCompetitive Intelligence

Audience intelligence enables the analysis of the overlap between the campaign audience, the target audience and the audience of the competition, making a comparison of this pre and post campaign data to know how it performed.

Influencer Marketing

In this post-campaign phase, audience intelligence facilitates the identification of who the influencers and creators have been that have had the greatest impact on the audience and the different segments.

Audience-centric Social Listening

What type of content has been most successful and for whom? What was the campaign performance with each segment? These questions will be answered with insights provided by intelligence about audiences.

Content Curation

By generating reports on the contents that have generated the most engagement among the target audiences, insights will be available on the different audiences that will serve as a basis for informing the strategies of future campaigns.


Audience intelligence allows the analysis of the intersection between the target audiences and the audiences reached through the journalists and influencers who have participated in the campaign.

Can you think of any other use case for audience intelligence that we haven't mentioned? Leave us a comment! And if you want to discover our Audiense Insights platform and how it can help you in these and other use cases, just request a free demo!

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash.

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