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20 Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Might Not Know About

Nov 26, 2014 10:37:19 AM

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it gives the unknown jokers a chance to get RT’d from obscurity into cult fame if they regularly put out a steady stream of top quality material. They might not become household names, but they make Twitter better. Today we salute them, and encourage you to do similar.

Jack Black Salute School Of Rock

Why should you follow these accounts? Major comedians are cagey about Tweeting out their best jokes for free, and funny celeb Tweets quickly gain mainstream attention. But without fame to back them up, some of these accounts can Tweet incredible humor that too many people miss out on. We couldn’t let that happen. So we’ve worked really hard (possibly too hard) to find you a collection of lesser-known accounts who regularly Tweet outstanding comedic material. If any of these amuse you, do give them a follow:


This self-righteous account is for anyone with a friend who is deeply passionate about their (not very good) band and blames their astounding lack of success on everyone except themselves.

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Surreal situations and remarkable puns are the order of the day here.


If real life showbiz news isn’t doing it for you, then this fake account regularly provides. Our personal favourite is Rihanna’s obsession with bin collections, traffic regulations, and the activity of local councils in small-to-medium UK towns.


This person brands themselves as an “Internet Hotshot”, who are we to argue?


He cracks a remarkable amount of funnies on a daily basis, writes for, and also makes a point of shouting out to other upcoming funny users too. And people say messing around on the Internet won’t get you anywhere!


Not actually a Dad, as far as we know. But this Canadian lady regularly rocks out some great lines on both Twitter and Vine.


You have probably seen Mara Wilson as the main little girl in Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street, and other films. She was one of the most successful child stars ever but turned her back on the screen in her teens and is now making a living as a writer, while also having a solid knack for quips.


He Tweets an awful lot, but with zingers like this in his locker we’d say he’s allowed to Tweet whatever he fancies until he gets it right


When looking for funny profiles to feature, this one popped up and we laughed so loud that the office next door heard.

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Writers are always a good bet for entertaining follows, and Jason Miller is not an exception. We’ve also noticed that he has over 235,000 favorites, who loves that much stuff?


This upcoming comedic actress has a keen wit, and also knows magic tricks. We’re sold!


If there was an award for “The Funniest Kebab House On Twitter” these guys would win first, second, and third.


Regularly Tweeting off-beat humour that has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the ‘Weird’ category. We’re not going to argue with that assessment.


This little wolf has his own comic, and regularly lets us know about the real important issues of life for an energetic pup.


Do you ever get the feeling that toddlers are causing you grief and agony on purpose? This account right here is the proof.


Not one for the grammar freaks, the typos are strong with this one. But with some Tweets rightly smashing 10,000 RTs, you know there’s gold in those poorly spelld hills.


Another one who Tweets so much good quality stuff that you’re torn between admiration and jealousy.


An actor and writer out in LA. He doesn’t Tweet with the same volume as some people here, but when he does you best sit up and take note. Unless you hate being entertained, in which case… why are you here?


If you prefer your scientific facts in amusing bite size chunks that include diagrams and lies, then the Fake Science account is what you’ve been spending your whole life looking for. Now you’ve found it, that must feel good.


Pulling a switcheroo here, the Anti Comedian is on a crusade to weed out jokes that have run their course and point out the flaws in others. If exceedingly dry sarcastic wit is your thing then enjoy smirking at these.

Enjoyed what you’ve seen but don’t fancy clicking through to each user individually? Why not follow all of them with our fresh new Twitter list, go on.

Are there any that you think we’ve missed out on? There’s always time for more good comedy, we’d love you to tell us who always makes you laugh on Twitter. Give us a shout in the comments box below.

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