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4 tactics to use social data for your PR

Oct 11, 2018 11:25:51 AM

Social is part of all our lives and is key to the success of businesses. The data extracted from social networks and the insights derived from them should be vital in the decision-making processes of companies, resulting in a more customer-centric approach.

PR has certainly been impacted by social data. If we look at the key performance metrics for a successful PR campaign, such as reach, brand awareness and share of voice which are directly influenced by social networks.

In addition to measuring the performance, can social data add value to the day-to-day work of PR professionals? Yes, of course! Social data can provide key and useful information in the daily work of a PR professional. Continue reading below to understand 4 ways to use social data in your PR activities.

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Discover the most relevant media for the audience

Who doesn’t want to get the best possible coverage for their story? More often than not ‘best coverage’ means appearing in the mainstream media for more people to see, BUT quantity does not equal quality. Who is your target audience? What media do they consume? Discovering which media is applicable to your target audiences is something that social data can help with, and by focusing your efforts towards media you know is of interest to your audience, you will avoid investing time, money and efforts on media that is inaccessible and not of the full interest for your target audience.

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Adapt your editorial content to the interests of your target audience

Social data allows you to know what issues interest to your target audience. Understanding the most active conversations, the hottest topics and what the most commonly used terms among the users within your target audience will help you to personalize your content for the different segments that made up your audience.

Audiense Insights - Social Data for PR - RealFood Audience - Content

If you continuously monitor what your audience is talking about, you can create a content calendar, or adapt the one you have already built, to generate news around those topics and offer them to the appropriate media. With this, you will soon be able to get the attention of your targets and if done well your brand will climb to the top of your consumers, journalists and influencers minds.

Monitor key players in your sector

Do you know who are the most relevant journalists to your target audience? And which of these journalists work for the media outlets your audience has an affinity for? Social data allows you to identify the journalists your target audience has an affinity for. From there you only have to build Twitter lists with these users and start monitoring them daily. Knowing what they share, with whom they interact, what they are working on (in short, knowing how they live, eat and breathe) will greatly facilitate your work when it comes engaging them with a good story they consider newsworthy.

Connect with journalists and influencers through social paid

Relations with journalists and influencers have to grow organically, it is the most natural and positive way for PR strategies to be fruitful. But sometimes the first contact can be a bit awkward. What if instead of addressing them directly, you show them something that may be of interest to them?

After identifying the influencers and journalist that matter to your audience and studying their day to day, you will have enough knowledge about them to generate content that will get their attention. But... how can you make sure to deliver it to them? Social networks offer you the capability to segment your publications and direct them to personalised audiences through paid campaigns. Simply: choose your finest bait and wait for them to bite!

Do you work in the field of PR and want to discover more ways to use social data to improve the performance of your activities and relationships with journalists in your industry? Request an Audiense Insights demo and learn how to get the most out of social data with the help of our team.

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash.

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