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50 Tweetable Twitter Tips, Tricks and Facts

Aug 26, 2014 12:43:02 PM

Twitter Tips Tricks Facts

We spend a lot of time researching and writing about the best Twitter strategies. There are so many shades to the service that there’s knowledge to be found about it behind every corner. We thought we’d share some of our favourite Twitter tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way, as well as some amazing facts about our favorite 140 character wonderland.

These nuggets of information are cut down to fit into a single Tweet. So if you want to look like the most fascinating and socially smart person in the (virtual) room, you can share whatever you like with a simple click. We’ve split them all into four sections: Twitter Marketing Points You Need To Know, Tips For Better Tweeting, Handy Twitter Tricks, and Mind-Blowing Twitter Facts.

Tips For Better Tweeting

1. [Tweet "Don’t beg for followers, have an account that people would actually want to follow."]

2. [Tweet "Keeping your Tweets to under 100 characters makes them easier to quote and comment on."]

3. [Tweet "Is a profile for you? We want to see a picture that actually looks like you! A clear, recent headshot works nicely."]

4. [Tweet "The three most retweeted words are “You”, “Twitter”, and “Please”. So be personal and have manners!"]

Source: Audiense

5. [Tweet "Want to host a Twitter chat? Promote the time, topic, and hashtag in advance, then blog the highlights after."]

Want more tips on hosting a Twitter Chat? We made a guide.

6. [Tweet "A Tweet starting with an @ mention will only appear in the timelines of people who follow you AND that person."]

7. [Tweet "Add value to people’s newsfeed by Tweeting humor, interesting information, discounts, exclusives and life hacks."]

8. [Tweet "If you’re doing #FF (Follow Friday), focus on 1-3 users per Tweet and give a good reason for people to follow them."]

9. [Tweet "Tweets with images uploaded directly to Twitter are 94% more likely to get retweeted."]

Source: Audiense

10. [Tweet "Tweets with “quotes” in are 30% more likely to be retweeted, ones with at least one #hashtag are 55% more likely."]

Source: Audiense

11. [Tweet "Think about WHY you are using Twitter. This will help you decide what to Tweet, who to target, and who to follow."]

12. [Tweet "Unsure what to Tweet? Put your best foot forward, share helpful things you know that most other people don’t."]

13. [Tweet "Your favorites can now appear in your followers’ timelines, so only favorite things you’d be okay with others seeing"]

Marketing Points You Need To Know

14. [Tweet "You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that proportion! Listening to your audience is as important as Tweeting."]

15. [Tweet "If people are following a brand on Twitter, they are 67% more likely to purchase from it than if they weren’t."]

Source: Ragan

16. [Tweet "15% of millennials on Twitter access Twitter at least ten times a day!"]

Source: Twitter Blog

17. [Tweet "This blog post says that links posted 25% through tweets are most likely to get clicked."]

18. [Tweet "77% of people are more likely to buy from a brand if their CEO is active on Twitter."]

Source: Audiense

19. [Tweet "Want to get more retweets? 110-115 characters is the ideal length for your Tweet."]

Twitter Tips Tricks Facts Graphs
Source: Dan Zarrella

20. [Tweet "Keep an eye on your competitors by putting them in private Twitter lists to monitor their strategies and activities."]

21. [Tweet "80% of retweeted content is about news. Tweet topically, keep it relevant to your brand. You’re onto a winner."]

Source: Hubspot

22. [Tweet "On average, B2B Marketers using Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who don’t."]

Source: Yahoo Small Business

23. [Tweet "The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket."]

Source: Fast Company

24. [Tweet "Click-through rates on Twitter ads are 8-24 times higher than Facebook."]

Source: Smart Insights

25. [Tweet "People use Twitter at different times. Share your content with various angles throughout the week to cover all bases"]

26. [Tweet "Only 19% of branded Tweets are on weekends, yet click-through-rates are 17% higher than normal."]

Source: Fast Company

27. [Tweet "Your best time to Tweet will depend on your community. Test different times, or use tools to do the work for you."]

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Handy Twitter Tricks

28. [Tweet "Want to read/watch something you’ve spotted on Twitter but can’t do it now? Favorite it to bookmark it for later."]

29. [Tweet "Did you know Twitter has hot-keys to help you Tweet quicker? Just hit ‘?’ on your keyboard to see the list."]

30. [Tweet "Twitter lists are easy to set up and can cut out noise when you want to focus on a certain topic or group."]

Unsure how to make a Twitter List? We can give you some help.

31. [Tweet "Want your images to stand out in Twitter? According to @Canva, the optimum size is 1024 x 512 pixels."]

Source: Canva

32. [Tweet "Want to download all your Tweets? Click the gear icon then ‘Edit Profile’, go to ‘Accounts’, request Twitter archive"]

33. [Tweet "Put ':)' into a search to quickly find positive Tweets about whatever “topic” you choose. Use ':(' for negative."]

34. [Tweet "Want to manually retweet a long Tweet? Cut some bits out, put MT instead of RT. This stands for “modified Tweet” "]

35. [Tweet "Click the “More” button under a Tweet then click “embed Tweet” to get a code that embeds a Tweet into your blog."]

36. [Tweet "Include ‘until:YYYY-MM-DD’ in your search to only search Tweets up to a certain date. “After” does the opposite."]

37. [Tweet "Click “Change” in the trends list, choose “Get Tailored Trends” for ones based on your interests and location."]

38. [Tweet "Want Tweets with links? Put ‘filter:links’ into your search. Want no links? Same thing, but put a “-” before it."]

Mind-Blowing Twitter Facts

39. [Tweet "The first brand on Twitter was @EarnestSewn in 2006, but their first Tweet was five years later!"]
40. [Tweet "The bird in Twitter’s logo is called Larry, after basketball legend Larry Bird."]

Source: Huffington Post

41. [Tweet "Twitter’s original bird logo only cost them about $15. Twitter is now worth 1,830,000,000 times that!"]

Source: Techli

42. [Tweet "An average Twitter user has 208 followers. Do you have more, less, or exactly the same?"]

Source: Jeff Bullas

43. [Tweet "Think you Tweet too much? @VENETHIS has sent over 37 MILLION Tweets since joining in 2009."]

Venethis Twitter Tips Facts Tricks Most Tweets

44. [Tweet "The most active country on Twitter? China, where Twitter is banned yet over 35 million people have accessed it!"]

Source: Forbes

45. [Tweet "The average number of words in a Tweet is about 15. Just like this one."]

Source: Oxford University Press Blog

46. [Tweet "There are roughly 7,500 Tweets every single second. Count them!"]

Source: Internet Live Stats on 21st August 2014

47. Based on the numbers in the last two points, we’ve done some math and worked out that...
[Tweet "Twitter users write enough words to fill up a novel the size of War and Peace every five seconds!"]

48. [Tweet "In theory, Twitter could support 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 profiles. That’s 2.6 billion for every person on Earth!"]

Source: Venturebeat

49. [Tweet "In 2010, @Astro_TJ sent the 1st Tweet from space. Hopefully he strapped the letters down so they didn’t float away."]
50. [Tweet "Twitter users took 3 yrs, 2 months, and a day to post the 1st billion Tweets. They now do it every 36 hours."]

Source: Twitter Blog

Twitter is constantly growing and evolving. Amazing new tips, uses, and facts are being discovered all the time. Are there any favourites we forgot? We’d love to hear from you.

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