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A new partnership to make social segments addressable – and compliant

Javier Buron - CEO & Co-Founder
Oct 22, 2020 1:55:52 PM

In the last decade, the ability for marketers to learn about their customers’ behaviours and mindset has increased manifold. And yet, despite the booming insights industry, many marketers still feel that there is a disconnect between insight and action.

This is where Audiense and our new partner Fifty come into play; together we offer a powerful combination of social data and the ability to make that data actionable, allowing marketers and brands to push their advertising directly to addressable audiences without the use of cookies or device IDs.

Updated privacy regulations such as GDPR and data deprecation, such as web browsers dropping support for third-party cookies, have resulted in the means of gathering audience intelligence data going up in smoke for many agencies. Many are looking to social data to fill that gap.

Like Audiense, Fifty is a social insights business at its core but has developed unique functionality to turn the powerful insights into data segments capable of being actioned across a range of Media and Data products.

This integration will allow users of Audiense to migrate audiences & communities across into the Fifty Platform, and, from there, work with the data and media activation team to directly plan and buy media across multiple channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Open Web, etc), or directly push data segments for activity into any DSP Google DV360, TheTradeDesk, avocet, xandr.

Audiense and Fifty Integration - Summary

We are really excited to extend the functionality to all of our platform customers. This is a crucial partnership at a critical time in the market. With cookies and 3rd party data dying out, we want to be able to support our brands and agencies by replacing the knowledge from these old, inferior data sets with what Fifty and Audiense can provide.

Simon Shaw (Founder of Fifty) stated, “Fifty is a bridge using data and technology to shorten the gap between media planning and buying. By integrating with Audiense, we are putting this functionality in the hands of a lot more planners and buyers. We know that our technology and data drives better media performance, and we can’t wait to see it deployed within Audiense.

Let’s take a look at what are the steps to make this happen!

Step 1: In order to request a segment you will see a new option under the Media Affinity Tab when hovering over the icon next to the online menu.

Audiense and Fifty Integration - Step 1

Step 2: Fill in the initial details we need to process the request.

Audiense and Fifty Integration - Step 2

Step 3: onboard the segment into their system and creates the Addressable Audience via lookalikes. Just before doing this step, we might organize a 3-way call with Fifty to clarify and confirm some details from you.

Audiense and Fifty Integration - Step 3

Step 4: pushes the audiences to the selected DSP that can then be assigned to a Seat Id or to a Deal ID via PMP in these systems. This can take 24-72 hours to process depending on the system.

Audiense and Fifty Integration - Step 4

What is the cost? This functionality has no extra cost to your current Audiense subscription. However, our ask is that you commit testing the resulting Audience with a certain budget so that we continue improving the product.

As it happens with other 3rd-party audience segments available in your DSP/DMP, the cost (aka “data fee” or “data cost”) is set in CPM (Cost Per Mille) and ranges depending on the Audience. Typically, you can expect a CPM of USD1.

To understand more about how it works, you can read the following articles where Google refers to it as a data fee.

That’s it! You want to have a go at it?

  • Option 1: Send us an email to
  • Option 2: Jump into the platform and request it!


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