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[Product Update] Automated Segment Naming + Shareable Reports are now LIVE!

Dec 11, 2018 11:04:25 AM

The season of giving has arrived and we have been working hard to deliver. From us to you Merry Christmas in advance…

To round off a successful year of great developments we are delighted to announce the release of two more incredible features that will only make your user experience even better: Automated segment naming and Shareable reports links.

Automated Segment Naming

For as long as we can remember you have asked us about the science behind naming segments and the process we go through to get them just right for you! No longer do you have to struggle to become a data analyst, interpret your findings or find the perfect name for your segments. With our newest feature our audience intelligence reports have the option of suggesting segment names for your audience.

The science stays the same… now it’s just accessible! Our algorithms take into consideration unique bio keywords in order to predict suitable names for your segments. Not only does auto-naming save you time but it provides you with the perfect snapshot of who your audience is.

Audiense Insights - Audience Intelligence Report - Automated Segment Naming


Shareable Report Links

Downloading one of our intelligence reports has never done it justice! Not only was it static but you lost the ability to sort and compare. We have now made it possible for you to simply share your Audience Intelligence or Influencer reports with your clients, colleagues, friends and family. With our new shareable links, you are able to share your reports with whoever you choose whilst managing your viewing settings, make them public or private… it’s your choice!

Audiense Insights - Audience Intelligence Report - Shareable Reports

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