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#BotsInAction - Blue Robot: All about that Bot

Jun 5, 2017 2:01:12 PM

#BotsInAction - Audiense - Ad Dynamo - Blue Robot - Bots In Action: All about that robotThis is a guest post written by Felicia De Agrela, Brand Strategist at Ad Dynamo

53% of people say they are more likely to do business with a business that they can message. With billions of messages being shared between businesses and people every month, it is no surprise that brands are seeing the opportunity to connect with their customers via a message. It allows a brand to build a somewhat personal connection with their client and it is done with ease. The need for this kind of tech is there and offers many benefits.

Felicia De Agrela - Brand Strategist, AdDynamo Felicia De Agrela - Brand Strategist, AdDynamo

It is easy to configure a bot but hard to configure the conversation. We all know how difficult it can be to start this conversation between a brand and a client. That is where bots come in. Ad Dynamo is not here to only offer a piece of technology but they are offering a conversation. This is done by looking at each brand individually to make sure that what is being provided is not only going to help the brand but ultimately provide a better experience for the end user. With extensive knowledge around social media platforms like Twitter, Ad Dynamo is able to customize each bot, making it personalized for each brand.

The personal connection you build with a client matters because from there you can start adding value to customers through these bots. It is all about making life easier for users through this automated conversation. The information they need is available where and when they need it allowing them to request this information on demand. It helps create awareness for the brand and creates a positive sentiment towards the brand. This allows for more positive word of mouth and further recommendations.

Besides making the user experience a lot simpler, these chatbots also aid in customer service. It allows for simple issues and enquiries to be handled immediately. This can save the business time and money leading to overall business success. Customers who receive 1:1 response are more likely to spend, share their experience, and recommend.


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