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#BotsInAction: Hobbynote talks customer service

Jun 2, 2017 3:29:15 PM

#BotsInAction - Audiense - Bots In Action: Hobbynote talks customer serviceThis is a guest post written by Benoît Lewandowski, CEO at Hobbynote

At Hobbynote, we’re committed to creating innovative and creative uses of Twitter at scale. We’ve produced hundreds of bespoke campaigns for the top brands around the world, and we always are looking at new ways to improve how brands and businesses can interact with their audiences by enhancing the conversational experience.

Benoît Lewandowski - CEO, Hobbynote Benoît Lewandowski - CEO, Hobbynote

We believe that Twitter is a remarkable customer service platform, and we want to provide businesses and brands with the best tools to use it as such as today 80% of customer service requests on social media happen on Twitter.

Beyond customer service, Twitter is the platform where you go to get live updates on what matters to you. Months ago, we partnered with Transport for London to create a new experience to provide live travel information to all London commuters through Direct Messages, and notify them when there are severe delays on the lines they use.

TfL’s customers can now interact through Direct Messages with any of the Tube lines, Overground and DLR to avoid disruption - a world premiere in the transport industry. Customers are offered 3 features in this initial experience:

  • Check status, to instantly get the current status of all the lines and to find out if there are delays and re-plan your journey
  • Subscribe to alerts and weekly travel advice, to receive alerts in the events of severe delays during your commuting hours and to be in the know of planned closures and work on the Tube service over the weekend.
  • Talk to a customer service agent, to get immediate assistance from a human.

The bot constantly synchronise with TfL’s data to provide customers with up-to-date information at any time. To date, 3.8M alerts were sent to customers to help them avoid disruption.

[vimeo w=320]

TfL Travel Alerts - Automated messaging through Direct Messages on Twitter.

More recently, we launched an automated conversational experience with Le Parisien in France. On the occasion of the Presidential Election, Le Parisien wanted to cover the election and provide their followers with all relevant information using a new, innovative approach.

The chatbot was synchronising with Le Parisien’s feeds and French Government’s open data to provide users with the following features:

  • See the list of candidates and find their political programme
  • Compares 2 candidates’ programmes on specific topics
  • Find the polling station of a given location and get directions
  • Read the latest news articles about the elections and specific topics
  • Find local and national results
  • Subscribe to alerts when results are available
  • Get general information about the election

The bot was used 600K by 110K unique users over a 2-week period, resulting in 2.9M messages.

With chatbot experiences being the first contact, users have immediate answers to their questions.

By combining these messaging technologies with Natural Language Processing and Artificial intelligence such as IBM Watson, we provide our clients with a smarter customer service on social media. It gives the ability to the bots to understand requests and to respond immediately, or to pass the inquiry on to a customer service agent depending on its complexity and the knowledge bank. It reduces the amount of time required to complete manual, receptive, boring tasks for customer service representative, allowing them to focus on more complex and relevant issues.


Bots in Action - Audiense - #BotsInAction event, 6 June. Twitter. Transport of London. Hobbynote. Blue Robot. IBM Watson.

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