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Cannes Lions: The Most Important Social Media Marketing Predictions So Far

Jun 24, 2015 4:47:50 PM

Cannes Lions SocialBro Social Media Marketing Tips

Over 13,000 marketers representing the cream of the advertising & marketing world have gathered at this week’s Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity. As well as the best campaigns from the previous year being recognised, the industry also joins together to discuss what future trends, technologies, and ideas will shape the field.

The festival is still taking place, but we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of this year’s Cannes Lions to unearth the key developments and suggestions in the field of social media so far. Trends come and go, but we think these will have a major impact on the social media industry over the coming years. Marketers will need to react to the new opportunities they bring. If you’re unable to make your way down to France (or you’re there, and have been occupied with other matters), then here’s the social media highlights that you need to know about.

Creativity And Analytics Will Further Intersect

As analytical platforms develop, their integration with assisting the creative process will become more pronounced. In the past there may have been a misconception that data and analytics hindered the creative process. However, we are now seeing creative marketers using these platforms to help uncover insights about the successes of their work, and help to improve their future work. The growing presence of social analytics within the marketing industry suggests that they will become a key ally for content creators.


I think creatives are adapting quite well to analytics, appreciating the value they provide and the fact that it helps prove the value of their work.


      John Travis, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Adobe (




New Call-to-action


The Everyday Will Become More Important Than The Lightning Strike

A ‘lightning strike’ was described as a one-off big event that drove massive short-term traffic that quickly tailed off. While exciting, it has less long-term potential than being intrinsically tied to a more everyday occurrence. The clamour for an ‘Oreo moment’ is dying down, and with it more brands should be looking for more common connections with their audience based around everyday events that are more frequently relevant to them.

As an advertising community we become infatuated with achieving cut-through at major events such as the Super Bowl where Tweets peak at 50,000 an hour. But it’s everyday moments that produce more energy over time. It’s these moments that generate the real power and if the right creative is applied, we can harness the true power of now.

Chris Moody

      , VP of Data Strategy, Twitter (




Social Media Will Be Shoppable

A development that was suggested at Cannes and is clearly well underway is the increased prevalence of shoppable possibilities for social channels. After a period of focussing on engagement, brand awareness, and building an audience, it’s time to take social channels to the next phase. Marketers will be getting more chances to make their Tweets efficiently shoppable, and there will be an increasing expectation on them to move with the times. As well as Twitter’s native ads options, brands will also need to make the most of emerging technologies such as personality insights to deliver the best results.

I think the potential addition of a click-to-buy button would be an absolute game changer. Being able to make purchases without leaving the Twitter app gives brands a huge opportunity to use well-targeted Twitter Ads effectively and see a true and definitive ROI."
Tim Love

      , Social Media Manager, Pizza Express (




Growth Of Marketing Technology Integration With Social

This year also marks the debut of the Cannes Innovation festival, a two day event that looks at the place of data and technology within advertising fields. With Gartner reporting that CMOs are set to spend more on tech than CIOs by 2017, the demand for this part of the event is clear. A practical knowledge of how to get results with such technologies in social campaigns is going to be an expected skill in a marketers repertoire in the near future.

Today, content isn’t the topic of conversation. Today, ad tech is the topic of conversation.

Brian Terkelsen

      , Chief Exectutive, MediaVest USA (




China Will Have A Bigger Seat At The Table

SY Lau from Tencent had one of the most hotly anticipated talks early in the week. He was the recipient of the Cannes Lions award for Media Person Of The Year, and spoke about lessons we could learn from China. Many of this decade’s billion new members of the middle class will be in China, a feat highlighted by Chinese retailer Alibaba setting a record for 24 hour sales as $9.3 billion worth of orders were placed late in 2014. This growing retail market is one that could be looked to for strategic inspiration, and will take growing prominence in the global social strategies of many brands.

"The huge opportunity presented by the mobility in China will be one that sets a lot of trends in terms of consumers, and how they make decisions.”
SY Lau

      , Senior Executive Vice President, Tencent (




Social Becomes Implanted

Will we Tweet with our teeth? Will a double-blink replace a double-click? The jury is out. But Peter Kim, Chief Digital Officer at Chiel Worldwide, has ascertained that by 2025 we will have more technology inside our bodies. He claims that "we’re going beyond wearables to implantables. In future, technology will not only be all around us, it will reside within us." Given some of the technologies that are already being researched, the future is always worth keeping an open mind about.

These are just some of the key insights being discussed right now. We’ll be adding further Cannes Lions updates in our follow-up piece next week. Are you at Cannes Lions, and have picked up a potential industry trend that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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