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Chatbot use cases that will improve your customers’ user experience

Paz Segura - Marketing Manager
Oct 18, 2018 1:09:41 PM

“Chatbots are the new category of digital touchpoints that has grown most rapidly in 2018”, reports Scott Brinker in his study 5 Disruptions to Marketing (Update 2018). Their rapid penetration into the market, as well as their multiple advantages as a marketing tool, make them a fundamental element of the digital strategies of many businesses. For what purpose do the most innovative brands in any industry use chatbots? Today we review different use cases of chatbots and we’ll see examples of how leading companies in their respective sectors use them.

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Use a chatbot to offer 24/7 customer service

The complete availability of chatbots 24 hours a day, seven days a week makes them the perfect instrument for offering customer service that is immediate and when they need it. Automatic conversation systems make it possible rapidly to respond to the most frequently-asked questions, to offer information about products and services, offers and promotions or to get an agent’s attention if the user so wishes.

Even if they don’t offer an answer to the customer’s needs in 100% of cases, the users get attention from the first second and this generates a positive perception of the brand by the consumer.

Use a subscription system for the distribution of news and content

The technology allows for the maximum personalisation of the users’ experience when it comes to consuming content. The users want to decide what they consume, when they do it and on what platform they want to consume it. Chatbots like The Economist’s allows the users to receive the news they’re most interested in, when they want through direct messages on Twitter.



One industry that can make the most of this use of chatbots is obviously the media (and many already do so), but the brands (of any sector and regardless of whether they’re B2B or B2C) should also embrace these tactics in their content distribution strategy. It is no use making an effort with your storytelling if you don’t then put on those great stories you’ve generated.

Allow the customers to manage your products and services using a chatbot

The immediacy and personalisation that automatic conversation systems provide are other advantages that have led brands to use chatbots for the personalised management of products or services by their customers.

This is demonstrated by one of the international telecommunications giants, Movistar, which since a few weeks ago offers to its customers a chatbot that allows them to carry out different processes and steps on their products, from looking up consumption to activating or deactivating certain services such as voice mail or to request technical support.

Chatbot Twitter Movistar

Turn your chatbot into a press room

More corporate profiles can benefit from the virtues of chatbots by turning them into, for example, a press room where you can categorise the content according to the audiences of interest, where these audiences can have the most up-to-date relevant information, the latest content or reach the contacts of interest in each case.

An example of this use has been put into practice by the insurance company Mapfre, which through its Twitter chatbot offers the necessary information to two groups of stakeholders that are essential for the brand: journalists and shareholders.

Audiense Experience - Mapfre

These are only some examples of the many applications of chatbots to offer great value to brands. The personalisation of customers’ experiences and their consequent satisfaction are without a doubt an asset that increases the return on investment in both marketing and in the company as a whole.

If you also want to have a chatbot that improves the customers’ experience with your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll tell you everything our Audiense Experience can offer to your business.

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash.

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