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[Company Culture] Long-term Agility: Four questions you can ask yourself right now

Leticia Polese - Communications Manager
Nov 3, 2020 10:38:27 AM

What are the most pressing issues brands are facing in these turbulent times we are experiencing?

To help inspire marketers to start taking some concrete steps towards the current changes, we recently sponsored a series of Lockdown Learning webinars which were run by Contagious, the creative and strategic intelligence service.

These discussions covered a wide range of marketing challenges, addressing strategic approaches, creative insights, and technological ideas to activate. One thing that was prevalent throughout all of the talks was the importance of having the culture in place to facilitate meaningful change.

Based on the sessions, we have created an eBook highlighting five ways that marketers need to shape their company culture. Many of these cost nothing, can be started immediately, and all are totally within the scope of the modern marketing department.

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Today we take a look at “agile long-termism”, a term coined by Contagious to describe a strategic approach to combining flexibility with sustained vision.

The single biggest challenge for businesses around the world is rarely buzzwords or fancy solutions, it’s often something far more simple. The ability to act quickly. To anticipate, react, and reposition when necessary.

Yet companies with a focus on the long term often out-perform their rivals who aren’t investing in building a brand to stand the test of time, or who react to daily changing tides.

So how can businesses maintain this long-term strategic focus while simultaneously being nimble enough to avoid becoming Blockbustered by changing markets and challenger brands? By answering these questions:

  1. Do you know your organising principle?
  2. Why are your permission structures needed?
  3. What are the inflexible parts of your business?
  4. Are your efforts focussed in business-critical areas?

Download the eBook to help your business get on track to achieving agile long-termism within weeks, without the need for training, software, or hiring more people.

EBOOK: 5 needle-moving ways marketers must improve through culture

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