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4 Easy Ways To Prove Your Twitter ROI To Your Boss

Leticia Polese - Communications Manager
May 14, 2014 12:08:38 PM


Have you ever had that sinking feeling when your boss asks you for a Twitter ROI report in the next 20 minutes and you just don't have the figures? Do you break out in a cold sweat? We've all been there.

In most cases, businesses understand that social media is a good idea. If nothing else, the visibility and connectivity with fans provides ample worth alone. But time equals money, so how do you justify the amount of time you spend on your social media accounts? What metrics should you use to track your progress and prove your success to the bigwigs? And the big question, how can you do it 5 minutes and look like a pro?

Well we’ve got you covered. Audiense has recently released a new ‘Reports’ function that allows you to develop four different types of reports based on your 1. Profile Overview, 2. Followers Stats, 3. Following Stats (who you are following) and 4. Content Optimization.


Before you begin with any social media activity you'll need to you discuss and develop  the KPIs (key performance indicators) on which you will measure success. The new reporting feature allows you to create weekly, monthly and one-off reports. Additionally, the platform stores all the previous reports that have been generated after the initial schedule date. This way you can easily access all your weekly/monthly figures and compare your progress.

Use the Profile Overview report to track your marketing activity and monitor your results. Are you achieving what you set out to with Twitter? Determine what areas of your strategy are working and what areas need improving.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.44.03


Key metrics to monitor are community growth and influence. Using the new feature you can monitor your progress over defined periods of time to understand your growth review your strategy. The Follower Stats report further defines your audience enabling you to discover the demographic characteristics of the users following you, locations, industries, interests and perfect your targeting and content strategies. Additionally, if you have a social campaign targeting a particular region you’re able to use the reports to determine if your followers from the particular country or language increased as a result of that campaign.


The Content Optimization reports are designed to enable you to monitor the interests of your community, what they have been talking about that week, month or during that period. This report is particularly useful for measuring social campaign results. If the topic, hashtag or phrase corresponding with your campaign shows up in the bio tag cloud your community engagement has reached a high level.


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.32.31



Tailor your content according to what interests your community and ensure that your tweets reach the highest number of your followers. Further analysis of when each user is online enables you to determine patterns and trends within your community.


Whatever your KPIs and objectives for Twitter Audiense’s new reporting function allows you to monitor and review your activity to more effectively report any growth or fluctuations in your Twitter community.

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