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[eBook] How Social Data is transforming Public Relations

Paz Segura - Marketing Manager
Nov 2, 2018 9:18:49 AM

During the last few weeks we have produced an eBook for PR professionals so they are able to master the necessary techniques to use social data in their PR strategy.

Professionals of the industry, Michael Brito (Executive Vice-President of Digital and Technology at Zeno Group), Iván Pino Zas (Partner and Senior Digital Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA) and Javier Burón (co-founder and CEO of Audiense) talk about how the most innovative Public Relations agencies and professionals are already using social insights to inform their strategies and campaigns.

Throughout the eBook we analyse the evolution of the PR industry in this era of modern digital media. Ivan Pino Zas explains “The expansion of social networks has turned each individual within those anonymous masses into potential micro-influencers with an exponential capacity to affect the reputation and positioning of any brand. How have we adapted to that great change? The most advanced professionals in the industry soon understood that the best way to manage such a change was by assimilating that trend into their organisations. 

Javier Burón raises how the rise of social data has developed and what its impact is on PR: “The insights generated by social interactions with people, brands, organizations and the correlation of those with other public & compliance data available, will impact the decision-making process for any organization by making it finally audience-centric. 

We also cover what are the most successful strategies and techniques for a PR campaign based on social data. Michael Brito explains how Influencer Marketing is a new approach to earned media. Brito makes it clear: “Sadly, reaching B2B decision makers is almost impossible. They are sophisticated, well-educated and skeptical about sales and marketing. The most effective way to overcome this skepticism is by influencing their decisions through trusted third-parties – influencers.

And finally, our eBook includes a step-by-step guide to take advantage of the potential of social data in your PR strategy:

  • How to identify the right journalists, bloggers, partners and media.
  • Activating influencers and measuring the results effectively.
  • How social data can inform your owned media content creation and distribution. 

Download our free ebook “How Social Data is transforming Public Relations” and discover how Public Relations professionals should position themselves at the forefront of the industry and take advantage of all the knowledge generated from social data.


Pic by Grace Madeline on Unsplash

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