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#ForTheLoveOfMusic, Harry Potter Riddles & How Brands Are Using Selfies

Rachel May Quin
Oct 10, 2014 2:39:38 PM


God only knows what you’d be without our weekly summary of the best stories and updates that appeared online! We’ve got star-studded treats this week with famous musical faces grace a promotional video for the BBC, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling sending Twitter into a flurry, and MSN harnessing the power of Twitter as a news source. Dig in.

Best Brand On Social Media This Week

The British Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as the BBC, have been extremely busy orchestrating this feat of musical magnificence. Using 27 different famous faces and lots of idyllic fairytale ballroom scenery, they recreated The Beach Boys ‘60s classic ‘God Only Knows’. Why? God only knows… just kidding, it was all in aid of promoting the launch of BBC Music. Dubbed ‘The Impossible Orchestra’, not only is the video intended to launch the BBC’s music player, but a percentage of each record sold will go toward the charity Children In Need. Beach Boys member Brian Wilson said "I just feel so incredibly humbled that the BBC would choose 'God Only Knows' to promote their new music initiative. All of the artists did such a beautiful job I can't thank them enough. The video is doing the rounds on social networks with the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfMusic.

Tweet of the Week

J.K. Rowling sent Twitter into a flurry this week after posting a rather cryptic Tweet that many of her followers thought was an elaborate anagram announcing more Harry Potter. That’s right, MORE HARRY POTTER!

Or maybe not… After Tweeting this mysterious (Tom) riddle, fans spent a lot of time and energy reading between the lines trying to figure out exactly what the Tweet meant. Many interpreted it as “Harry Returns! Won’t say any details now! A week off! No comment.” One clever user figured it out, much to Rowling’s delight.

As well as receiving a shout-out from Rowling for her excellent anagram skills, user @EmyBemy2 went from 50 followers to 760 in ONE DAY, and a further 581 followers since then - according to data from SocialBro. This new mass of HP fans included a follow from J.K. herself. Rowling is now working on a screenplay focusing on the life of Newt Scamander, a rarely mentioned Harry Potter character who wrote the Hogwarts staple textbook ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. No more Potter sadly, but Rowling’s Tweets show the tentative world of an author on Twitter and the power of self-promotion!

What Can Brands Do With A Selfie?

Brands are now finding ways to make use of the internet’s hottest photo trend: the selfie. Image recognition software Ditto is capable of delving into the data behind an image. Ditto’s technology scans photos for logos and recognizable brand patterns such as Burberry tartan or the Nike swoosh. This helps consumer brands understand how their products are being used in the real world. Impressive! Coca-Cola, Nissan and Kraft are already on board, experimenting with just how useful this information could be for brands.

The A Listers

Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas fame was accused of diva behavior this week, after going on a Twitter rant when his seat was given away on a flight to China… which he discovered as he rocked up 45 minutes before the flight was due to leave. The Twitter rant berated the airline in question for giving away his seat and warned his 12.5 million followers not to fly with them, EVER. The airline calmly responded. Turns out that he had missed check-in and was technically late for his flight, something not even celebrities are able to get away with. Whoops.

Vine Of The Week: #LEGOCreator

We’re getting visual in the round-up this week, as we felt inspired by Lego’s awesome Vine creations. Their Vine account regularly posts videos of their product in action, but this week their demonstration of Lego 3 in 1 creatures, as a bunny rabbit, a cat and a dog go sprinting around a potted plant. It’s adorable. *Warning: You may find yourself watching this on loop for rather a long time.*

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

  • In their latest website revamp, Microsoft’s MSN have recognized the power of Twitter as a news source by showing breaking news Tweets as they appear on their homepage, like the breaking news ticker on a TV channel. Is this the beginning of more news websites using Twitter to get information out quickly?
  • Doctors are to be given their own Instagram-esque network, in the form of an app which allows health professionals to share photos across Europe! The app is being developed by Figure 1. It is designed to enable doctors to share photos of their patients, with their identity obscured, and will be rolled out across Western Europe. This technology should help make diagnosis easier and quicker. Well, it’s definitely easier than Googling the symptoms.
  • Actress Emma Watson took to Twitter this week to share her thanks, as people have flocked to support her #HeForShe campaign - the Twitter corporation, in particular. At Twitter HQ, the hashtag adorns the walls. She gave a speech at the UN in New York last month, calling on men to support feminism and gender equality. Watson revealed that between September 20th and October 2nd, there have been 1.1 million #HeForShe Tweets globally from 750,000 users, with a potential reach of 1.2 billion Twitter users. GO Emma!

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