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How Data From Twitter Monitoring Can Enhance Your Campaign Performance

Aug 4, 2015 5:01:18 PM

Twitter MonitoringIf you’re a marketing manager looking to enhance your Twitter campaign performance, you might feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of data available from the social network. Especially, when there are 500 million Tweets sent per day. How do you go about looking for the most relevant data for your business, and more importantly, how does monitoring Twitter data elevate your campaign performance?

What Is Your Audience Saying About You?

Every business wants to know what’s being said about them, and with Twitter being one of the main social networks where consumers and customers voice their opinions, it is a great place to start monitoring and mining through this data for insight. Campaigns are twice as effective when you know what your audience is looking for. Touching the pain points that customers have with your product makes for a knowledgeable and practical campaign as it tells you exactly what your customers think of your product and expect from it. There’s a lot that you can glean from Twitter data and monitoring it can be just the tip of the iceberg to inform your social and wider marketing strategy.

BONUS: You can also use Twitter data to find out what your competitors are doing & keep your finger on the pulse.

Intense Segmentation For Precision Targeting

You can monitor Twitter data using keywords, hashtags, URLs or mentions. This leads to specific results which helps you dissect the data and uncover actionable insights from it. However, your research doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve captured your data from Twitter, you can delve further into your results by segmenting your audience based on various filters like gender, influence score, location or number of followers, and much more. One of the core aspects of SocialBro is that you can explore the individual users interacting with your campaign, keyword search or mentioning your brand on Twitter, and therefore get an idea of the type of audience you or your industry are attracting. These audiences can not only be used for additional insight into your customers or industry, you can also target these audience lists in future Twitter ad campaigns.

Get The Most Value Out Of Your Campaign

All marketing professionals largely care about one thing: how to get the most value out of campaigns. Once you’ve attained the Twitter data from your monitoring search, it’s imperative to ensure that this wealth of knowledge syncs with your campaign strategy. Use the insight from your Twitter data to launch future paid campaigns that include your own KPIs metrics with SocialBro’s Twitter Ads Dashboard. Not only will this lead to more effective campaigns but assigning a monetary value to your KPIs will help determine the ROI of your campaign. You can also monitor your live campaign to understand how the campaign is faring and use the data to guide a change in tactics, if needed. This way Twitter monitoring has two roles, one before the campaign to feed your strategy and another during the campaign to monitor its success.

Monitoring your Twitter data from start to finish will elevate and enhance your campaign performance, and will keep your social strategy at the heart of your marketing activity. How else does monitoring your Twitter data help? Let us know in the comments below.

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