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How to Create Video Ads Based on the Consumer Insights

Jul 6, 2020 7:00:00 AM

This is a guest blog written by Alisa Begoun. She is passionate about finding out who she truly is. And that's exactly what the companies that she will be talking about further do as well ;) She works in Perfomante, an application that creates handcrafted video ads in less than two days. You can connect with Alisa on Facebook to share your impressions on her text or use Perfomante to create your advertisement in a limited period of time.

Tell me about yourself.

A simple question, right? But, in a lot of cases, it catches us off guard. “Jesus, what am I?!” How can you fit your unique personality into a few sentences? You then start listing some basic facts about yourself, but that’s never enough. Does anyone in this world understand who you truly are?

Leave that to the professionals ;) It is the main goal of the companies that focus on audience research to do their best to try and understand who you are. And we are talking not only about your age, gender, and the city where you’re from. No, no. These companies want to find out everything about your interests, personality, habits - all these important things that actually make you yourself.

Some might find it cute. Others - a little creepy. But imagine your emotions when you see a video ad that feels as if it was made especially for you.

By the way, the benefits of personalized video ads are impressive: the audience receives the messages that are relevant and the connection between the company and the viewers becomes more human. 71% of consumers prefer ads that are tailored to their preferences. And 44% of respondents are ready to share their name, email address, and even home address in order to get more relevant ads.

Take a Look at This Report Created by Audiense!

Practically everything in our world has a target audience. And peanut butter is no exception ;)

With the help of this data, your audience will ‘receive a face’.

We have Jennifer, for example, (0.57% of the most common names in the audience).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Demographics -Names

She is 22 years old (31.80% of the audience is between 18 and 24) and lives in the United States (82.81% live in the USA).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Demographics

These demographics will help you create an ad that is relevant to the viewers.

But wait. There is more! You can make the video even more personalized.

Because we know that our Jennifer loves food, she is into fitness and likes to participate in giveaways (these are the top bio keywords and hashtags of the peanut butter audience).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Top Bio Keywords

Another important thing - it looks like Jennifer is a mom (3.80% of the audience are parents).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Socioeconomics - Family Status

Influencers are called that for a reason. Imagine how much more effective your ad is going to be if you manage to find out who your audience’s top influencer is!

Jennifer follows Ellen DeGeneres and Jamie Oliver. By the way, her favorite brands are Whole Foods and Starbucks Coffee.

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Top InfluencersAudiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Top Brands

Let’s talk about money. 12.20% of the audience has a household income between $50.000 and $74.999 (based on survey responses).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Socioeconomics - Household Income

Oh, and we also know that Jennifer works in the sales industry (6%, based on self-reported data on social networks).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Socioeconomics - Job Industry

Are you interested in Jennifer’s personal life? Well, the chances are high that the lady is single pringle ready to mingle (28%).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Socioeconomics - Relationship Status

We can also find out Jennifer’s main values, needs, and personal traits (the ‘personality’ section). The heroine of our story is helpful, genial, and expressive. Her choices are driven by the desire of stability.

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Personality Insights

Now we feel as if we have known Jennifer for at least a couple of years, right? ;)

How Can You Use This Data to Create an Outstanding Ad?

All this data sounds amazing. But how exactly can you use it?

Here are some ideas…

  • You will choose the right social media platform for advertising

The truth is that you can’t create one single version of an ad and use it across all platforms. If you want the video to look amazing, you have to take into consideration the features of the app or website. For example, for this purpose, you can use the Perfomante app to create short videos in less than two days.

In the case with peanut butter, the audience is over 4 times more likely to use Instagram and YouTube. Now, you can start tailoring your ad specifically to these platforms, in order to reach the potential buyer. For YouTube, for example, a skippable ad has to be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes in length. 

Video Made by Perfomante based on Audience Insights Provided By Audiense - Penaut Butter Report -Ins


Video Made by Perfomante based on Audience Insights Provided By Audiense - Penaut Butter Report -Squ

  • Pick the right tone of voice for your ad

Your ad’s tone of voice is something that will give your brand a sense of personality. And you would want to bear the personal traits of your target audience in mind, before giving ‘a voice’ to your video. The description of the personality characteristics of the audience members will help you with that. Those are based on the psychology of language in combination with data analytics algorithms. Cool, right?

If you are making a peanut butter ad, the tone of voice should be friendly, soft, and empathetic.

  • You will find out if your target audience likes being part of different promotions

Based on the peanut butter report, we know that Jennifer likes to participate in giveaways as she frequently uses this hashtag (#giveaway, #Giveaway, #win, #WIN, #Win).

Audiense Insights - Peanut Butter Report - Content - Top Hashtags

You can use this concept to create a video ad. As an additional bonus, your video ad will be shared by all the participants (if it’s one of your conditions).

The desire to feel special. It is in our nature. And when you are creating a personalized video ad, that’s what you’re giving to your audience. And if you can give the people exactly what they want, why not do that (and drastically increase your sales along the way)? ;)

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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