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How to use social data for competitor intelligence (III): researching to inform potential actions & recommending actions

Jul 27, 2018 1:04:10 PM

This is the last article of our series about how to use social data to gain competitive intelligence. Throughout the first article, we identified all relevant competitors. The next article helped us to learn more in-depth about the competition performance, and in this third article, we understand hoy through the use of social data we have the capability to investigate our competition audiences. The objective is to aid future marketing actions to entice new consumers and discover the best strategies and tactics to achieve these goals.

Once again, we have developed a practical example that clearly illustrates the benefits of using social data when acquiring high-quality competitive intelligence, a key to developing marketing strategies. The example we found involves Häagen-Daz UK and their campaign to finding influencers during the last Wimbledon tournament.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, social data helps us discover other relevant competitors for target audiences, beyond those who are expected and accounted for (in this case other premium brands of ice cream in the UK). According to the social data, there is a great affinity between the analyzed audience and the following brands which may result in direct or indirect competition for Häagen-Dazs. Regardless of the degree of competition, these brands hold some of the top positions in the list of most influential brands for the target audience.

Audiense Insights - Haagen Dazs UK - Competitors

From there, we analyzed the performance of competitors and obtained, among others, insightful information regarding the overlap of audiences between competitors and Häagen-Dazs. This gives us an idea of how to analyze different audiences to create strategies that focus on each...

Audiense Insights - Haagen Dazs UK - Competitors - Audiences Overlaping

We then arrive at the research stage for the competitor’s audiences and discover different segments that will be used to compose different strategies.

To start we take the different segments identified through social data. These segments aren’t generated the traditional way (based on demographic data, geographical distribution, etc.), but rather on how these people are interconnected, who knows whom, which audiences are connected, and uncovering the true communities and relevant segments.

Audiense Insights - Haagen Dazs UK - Competitors Audience Segments

We chose to segment Women Bloggers to continue our analysis and obtain the following insights about this group: the social data indicates the segment called Women Bloggers made up of young women that speak English, and have high interest in food, drinks and shopping. They are down to earth people, self-confident and helpful. They have a high sense of association with their group and they like to take care of the people around them.

When interested in following the strategic line of sponsorship + influencers, the data indicate that a good event to which the Häagen-Dazs brand links due to its high affinity within this segment is the London Fashion Week.

On the other hand, when identifying the most relevant influencers for the segment, taking into account the theme of the event, the characteristics of these people making up the target audience, and focusing on the so-called micro-influencers, the influential people you can see below are uncovered: those who start to develop the marketing influencer strategy of Häagen-Dazs UK with, the new target audience in order to conquer the final consumer!

Audiense Insights - Haagen Dazs UK - Women Bloggers Segment - Micro Influencers for London Fashion Week Sponsorship

In addition, social data provides insights about content and formats that resonate most with the audience. This offers a line to follow for the pieces of content that are created for these campaigns. Understanding also the online behaviours of these people and their favourite social networks, will set the guidelines for the most appropriate media planning for this specific segment of Women Bloggers.

This type of research provides insights into the competition’s audience, extracted from social data, and serves as the culmination of the entire process of obtaining competitive intelligence. Thanks to the intelligence put together about the competitors, brands can optimize their investments and increase the ROI of their marketing strategies and at the end of the day improve the overall figures for their business.

Do you know your brand's competitors well? Do you know who gets better results? Do you want to discover the most valuable details about the audience of your competition to gain market share? Request your Audiense Insights demo today! And we will help you to have the best and most complete competitive intelligence for your brand.

 Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

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