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IBM’s #CognitiveDress, Krispy Kreme’s ‘Leaked Memo’ And What Team Audiense Is Reading!

May 6, 2016 2:49:41 PM

Twitter Trends
This week we’re changing things up a bit. Don’t worry, we’re still going to write about the best campaigns we saw this past week, but we’re also going to write a little more about we, the Audiense team, are reading. There’s a whole slew of interesting nuggets of information out there, and we’d love to share it with you. Whether it’s webinars or podcasts that you should be listening to, or just something new about Instagram that caught our eye, it’ll all be here! Stay tuned to Twitter Trends and more.

IBM’s #CognitiveDress

You wouldn’t expect to hear IBM in the same realm of fashion and dresses, but the world is a strange place, and getting stranger with new technology. We were pleasantly surprised to see that there was a #CognitiveDress in the midst of the extravaganza that was the Met Gala earlier this week.
This year’s theme was tech-related, and IBM in collaboration with fashion-label Marchesa designed a colour-changing dress with IBM Watson’s analytics. IBM Watson looked at Marchesa’s social media to translate the followers’ sentiment into colours. Coral for passion, lavender for curiosity and so on. Worn by model Karolina Kurkova, the dress was definitely one of the highlights.

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Leaked Memo’

There was a moment of hesitation on every loyal customer of Krispy Kreme’s when they received the ‘leaked memo’ that was ‘meant’ to be sent to their store managers. Was this a genuine leak? Or a marketing ploy? On reading the email, it’s pretty evident that it’s a genius marketing trick by the team over at Krispy Kremes.
Leaking company information accidently on purpose isn’t new in the world of Marketing and PR, but this trick by Krispy Kreme had everyone piping up on Twitter. The brand of doughnuts said, in the email, that they’d be releasing a new flavour of doughnuts - nutella - and that the store managers should be vigilant about the ‘extreme fans’, and should be careful about not leaking this information on social media.
Needless to say, Twitter erupted, and brands joined in too!

Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful Retweet

Do you want a custom analysis of your Tweets? Dove’s special algorithm shows if your Tweets have the #SpeakBeautiful effect. All you need to do is to Retweet the Tweet below to get a custom analysis.
We love how Dove has made use of a simple action - Retweeting - to deliver something personal to their Twitter audience.

What Team Audiense Is Reading -

We want to share with you all the news and inspiring articles we share in our Slack all day long. So here goes:
- Post-Digital’ Marketing will rely more than ever on human intuition and curiosity's Mercedes M. Cordona breaks down the discussion at Forrester Research’s Marketing 2016 Forum and highlights what marketers will need to do to push the button.
- How Western Union built a social engagement strategy that worked
Social Times
Adweek’s David Cohen speaks to Western Union’s Karen O'Brien, VP of social media, on how she got the customers of a financial services company to engage on an emotional level.
- Using data for effective storytelling
The Drum
Laurie Fullerton discusses a few of our favourite topics - data, storytelling and content marketing - and why these should feed into each other.
- “Working at an agency taught me to move quickly” - Nate Koch
Nate Koch, Manager of Social Marketing at Kohl’s, gives a fascinating insight into the team he works with at Kohl’s, and also why his background at an agency was so important.
- Twitter's got a new Connect tab
Twitter introduces a new feature which will allow you to find friends, and like-minded people easily.

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