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Insights activation (II): run your marketing campaigns smartly with consumer insights based on social data [with case study]

May 17, 2018 1:12:16 PM

After last week's post on insights activation in the pre-campaign phase, we'll continue today by taking a look at how campaigns can be enriched by consumer insights extracted from social data during the execution of the campaign.

If we make a list, there are many consumer insights that are relevant to the execution of a campaign. Using the appropriate platforms, which develop audience analysis based on artificial intelligence, you can obtain some of the following insights:

  • The most relevant segments within an audience.
  • Demographics about the audience and the segments.
  • Socioeconomic data about the segments and total audiences.
  • The most distinctive personality traits.
  • The brands that influence them the most.
  • Who are the most relevant influencers (micro and/or macro) for these audiences.
  • The content they share the most.
  • The factors that most influence their buying habits.
  • The social networks, devices and other parameters of their online behaviour.

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From consumer insight to production in marketing campaigns

The production and execution stage of a marketing campaign can benefit from an in depth understanding of the target audience and activating the insights obtained from social data in many different ways.

The different insights we have listed above can tip the scales one way or the other, for example, when working on the storytelling of a campaign. If the personality traits of a segment indicate that they are sentimental, social, modest people and that caring for those around them is important, the storyline of the campaign will be very different from that necessary to connect with a segment whose Individuals have a more analytical mentality, who guide their actions based on a desire to be efficient to the maximum and prefer to face authority and traditional values if they believe that they will obtain a change for the positive.

In the same way, the actual execution stage of the campaign should be informed in an intelligent and authentic way. Insights about content consumption habits and the online behaviour of different segments can give you the key to run the campaign in the appropriate media and platforms, generate creative pieces in the most relevant formats for the users, or produce as many different creativities as are necessary to really connect with and impact on that audience.


A practical example: MarketingProfs

Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from the type of insights extracted from social networks and bring them into action at the production and execution stage of their campaigns. As people see more clearly how to apply these insights to B2C campaigns we want to describe today a case study of a very B2B sector, which is the marketing industry.

Let's analyze the audience of MarketingProfs, the organization dedicated to the education for marketing professionals.

Firstly, during the pre-campaign stage that we saw last week, the 10 most relevant segments that form the audience are identified. In this production and execution stage of the campaign, insights such as personality data, online habits of the segments or purchase influence factors are put into action.

Audiense Insights - MarketingProfs - Full Audience Resume

For example, if you are working on a campaign aimed at the "Marketing Trends" segment, you would have to generate written content and publish it on Medium, as this is where this segment has the greatest potential presence with respect to other platforms. However, the most suitable format and platform for the "Authors / Speakers / Coachers" segment would be audiovisual content published on YouTube where these users have much more presence.


"Marketing Trends" Segment: Social Media Presence




"Authors / Speakers / Coachers" Segment: Social Media Presence



The narrative for the “Marketing Trends” and “Business & Life Style inspiration” segments would be completely different as the former are open-minded and attracted to new ideas, adventurous, active and temperamental while the second group is formed by helpful, expressive, social and persistent individuals.


"Marketing Trends" Segment: Personality Insights




"Business & Life Stile inspiration" Segment: Personality Insights



Running a campaign in the same way for different segments is synonymous with guaranteed failure. Follow the path of success and base your most strategic decisions on consumer insights that are extracted from social data. We have already explained how to research, plan, produce and execute marketing campaigns taking full advantage of social data. Do you want to discover how to work smarter with your brand? Request your Audiense Insights demo and start activating consumer insights today.

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