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[Interview] How The Metrics Factory is 'waking up' client audiences

Feb 12, 2020 12:22:25 PM

The rise of a cookie-less world, which will be a reality in two years, has the ability to change the paid media ecosystem currently dominated by programmatic marketing, forcing brands to invest in high quality content. A view held by Quentin Gressien, a partner at The Metrics Factory, a consulting firm based in Paris which operates on the mantra: Wake up your audience!

During our discussion with Gressien along with the realm of Google's announcement on third-party cookies several other topics of interest surfaced, such as the agencies versus consultancies “battle” and the role of audience intelligence at different stages of a campaign.

Gressien, who has worked with Fortune 500 companies on digital measurement for the past eight years, shared a client’s success story with us that focused on the use of audience intelligence to develop a “microtargeting activation campaign that generated a double digit ROI”.

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Question: Can you explain the meaning of your slogan/mantra “Wake up your audience” and how it differentiates The Metrics Factory from its peers?

Answer: We analyze social data to help communication and marketing teams to improve their digital strategy. We believe that social platforms can create a unique relationship between brands and consumers. As people can interact with content (like, dislike, share, comment...), digital cannot be seen as "another medium". Pretty often marketers think that digital can be used just like TV or outdoors to reach consumers, we believe that's a mistake.

Q: About your tool box, what are some of the platforms in your stack you value the most? If we had a magic wand, what are you missing in your audience intelligence stack?

Quentin GressienA: Our stack is made of scripts and tools we develop in-house, but we also use Audiense, Visibrain and Supermetrics for instance. I miss the capability to deduplicate users from one platform to another, are the people following me on Twitter the same audience I reach with my Facebook Ads?

Q: In our opinion, 2020 will be the year of Audience Marketing. What role does audience intelligence play in the campaign planning?

A: Knowing your audience impacts your editorial line as well as the format of your content and the medium you will use to deliver it.

Q: … and in campaign execution?

A: The more you know your audience’s behaviour, the more you can target it accurately. Targeting capabilities on social platforms are endless, you need audience intelligence to define your targeting.

Q: From zero to ten, how likely is data to be the same in planning and execution stages?

A: 10 in planning, 11 in execution stages :)

Q: Can you share a client success story that makes use of audience intelligence?

A: We worked for a leading tyre brand using audience intelligence to understand the online behaviour of the farming community. Based on those insights we developed and launched a microtargeting activation campaign that generated a double digit ROI.

What we did:

  1. Understand the online behavior of the farming community thanks to social data: how many farmers they are, which platforms they use, what they talk about, what media they consume, etc.
  2. Run a media campaign targeting them accurately, thanks to all the information we got in the previous step.
  3. Collect a huge number of leads (via forms) despite a very low media budget, we had a pretty high Return on Investment.

Q: Brands no longer only want unique tactics to execute, rather agencies to play a more strategic role. How does that change of attitude, moving from service provider to solution advisor, work in practice day to day in an agency?

A: Beyond digital, you need to develop a clear understanding of client context and its main stakes: how is the company doing, what is the current business strategy, what are its organisational and resources issues, etc.

Q: How are you, at The Metrics Factory, facing this new paradigm?

A: By challenging ourselves everyday! Each consultant at The Metrics Factory attends both internal and external training, passes certifications and has to do research in order to stay sharp and increase their knowledge of digital marketing.

Quick bites - in 2020, we’ll see... (complete the sentence)

  • How the value of social data… will increase due to the closing APIs and rise of prices. Only a few providers will be able to deliver access to social data in the near future.
  • The impact of the new hype, the cookie-less world… will change the paid media ecosystem that is currently dominated by Programmatic. It will force brands to invest in high quality content.
  • In the agencies vs consultancies “battle”… consultancies will take even more space by merging with mid-sized agencies.
  • Advertising is still brilliant because… you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person more than ever.

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash.

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