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L’Oreal celebrates diversity with #YoursTruly and GHD supports breast cancer with #NotDefined

Sep 2, 2016 6:42:43 PM

GHD cancer supportSeptember has already started and that means the end of the holiday season… So now you’re back in the office with plenty of energy, we want to share with you our favourite campaigns of this week. Keep reading to find out how a hair brand shows their support breast cancer patients, or how a back to school picture can help Save The Children and how L’oreal want us to celebrate diversity with #Yourstruly. Welcome back and ENJOY the trends!

L’Oreal celebrates diversity with #YoursTruly

L'Oréal Paris changes its famous "Because you're worth it" to "Because we are all worth it" in a campaign celebrating diversity. In order to promote the brand’s new True Match foundation, which covers 23 different tones, #YoursTruly features 23 ambassadors for diversity, including model and campaigner Katie Piper, fitness blogger AJ Odudu, and the beauty blogger Jennie Jenkins. It also includes the first man to ever star in a mass-market cosmetics ad.

The campaign, created by McCann London is bringing so much love to TV, cinema, social media and online platforms.

GHD supports Breast Cancer with #NotDefined

GHD has teamed up with Breast Cancer Now  to create #NotDefined, a campaign filled with useful beauty tutorials for women suffering from breast cancer. Covering everything from wig hacks and how to style a headscarf to the loss of your brows and lashes, you can find every tip posted on their social media channels!


Save the Children reminds us the importance of education with #Classof16

Save the Children has teamed up with Don’t Panic to launch a social campaign in line with children going back to school this September. The NGO asks parents to share a photo of their child on their first day at school (whether it’s their first day ever, or simply first day back) with them showing their dream job along with the hashtag #Classof16.

Running across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the campaign aims to show that every child no matter where they are from should have the opportunity to get an education – and the chance to realise their potential.


Do you remember what your dream job was when you were a kid?


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