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Multichannel Marketing: Matching Customer Emails To Their Twitter Profiles

Jul 17, 2015 2:45:08 PM

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Many of today’s marketers are striving to understand how social will integrate with their multichannel marketing strategies. They are also under great pressure to integrate brand interactions with customers and prospects across multiple channels. Customers are omnipresent, whether it’s email or social media, and if marketers miss the opportunity to enhance the relationship by interacting with them across multiple channel, they will lost out.
Matching your email database with Twitter profiles will simplify the process of integrating communication channels. Integrating these channels will not only help you deliver more personalised email campaigns, but will also improve your overall communication with customers. Read on to see how.

Bridging The Offline And Online Gap

Importing your email database into Audiense to pair addresses with their corresponding Twitter handles offers an easy way of bridging the offline and online gap in your marketing strategy. While having email addresses of your active or lapsed customers and prospects is handy for email campaigns, pairing their Twitter handles will give you an overall view of their online ‘life’. This presents the opportunity to analyse their online activity to understand more about them individually or as a group, i.e:

- Their interests
- What they tweet about
- How active are they
- Who they follow

With the additional insight analysis their Twitter activity will present, you’ll be able to launch a number of campaigns, whether through email or Twitter.

Build A Positive Customer Centric Culture

Customer centricity has been at the top of marketer’s ‘to achieve’ list in recent years. Gartner reports that improving the connection with customers is a top challenge for marketers.

Matching your email database to their Twitter handles will help to build a single customer view. Moreover, whether it’s an email correspondence, Tweet or a DM, customers and prospects are wary about how they receive content from brands. Some users will be more responsive to your social campaigns while others might prefer communication via email. Integrating your audience with both channels opens up stronger avenues for you to understand them and build stronger relationships with them.

Segment Your Email Database According To Twitter Audience Insight

Once imported, you have the ability to segment your email contacts based on the data Audiense presents. Whether it’s an active customer, someone who’s never bought from you before or a prospect, segmenting your database will allow you to build personalised messages for different email and/or Twitter campaigns. Moreover, you’ll also be able to see who within your email database is following you on Twitter. This will allow you to launch Promoted Account campaigns to build your social audience follower campaigns.

For example: If you have a list of inactive customers who haven’t bought from you in years, you can try launching personalised Twitter Ad Campaigns. You’ll also be able to discover the users who have interacted with your campaigns within Audiense Twitter Ads Dashboard, giving you a full idea of what kind of campaigns resonate with your email database on Twitter.

There’s a number of permutations and combinations you can use to drive more sales from your email database once they’ve been identified with their Twitter handles.

What are the other benefits of matching emails to Twitter profiles according to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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