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Multimedia direct messages at scale, for a world of richer experiences

Feb 14, 2017 2:59:34 PM

Twitter research shows that tweets with videos enjoy more engagement than GIFs and photos, and that video adverts are almost twice as memorable on Twitter than other platforms.* With video clearly such an effective engagement mechanism, we’re pleased to announce that, from today, our enterprise clients can also execute multimedia direct message campaigns, at scale, on the Audiense Connection Platform.

Nov 2017 - UPDATE: Direct Message campaigns are no longer available. The new way to send automated direct messages is through Twitter Chatbot.

Until now, large-scale direct message campaigns on Twitter have been text-and-link only - yet (and partly through the brilliant audience-building functionality of the Audiense Connection Platform) these regularly achieve email-busting CTRs of up to 71% for our clients. No surprise, then, that the capability of the platform to execute personalized direct message campaigns is one of its popular and most frequently used features.

But, like Twitter, Audiense aims to enable ever-richer experiences. In November, Twitter announced two new features that create better conversational experiences between businesses and people on Twitter, where they worked with a handful of partners including Audiense to bring these features to market. Following this, we’re pleased to announce that, from today, our enterprise clients can also deliver multimedia direct messages at scale on the Audiense Connection Platform.

This enables you to create large-scale, engaging and personalized campaigns based on images, animated GIFs and, of course, all-important video. Or, perhaps, it enables you to execute an existing concept on Twitter, where previously the presence of ‘multimedia’ would have meant an unwanted workaround using the text-and-link approach (and where using an alternative platform still might mean that).

Audiense DM Multimedia GIF Direct Message Twitter Social Media Send Scale Lots Bulk Mass

Sitting within Audiense Connect, use multimedia direct messages for personalized campaigns and consumer interactions including:

  • publishing news or other content (in conjunction with Audiense Experiences)
  • product launches
  • competitions
  • lead generation
  • brand messaging
  • event sign-ups
  • targeted welcome direct messages
  • PR
  • organising thunderclaps
  • customer service

As leaps forward go, this is like the jump from the oldest Nokia in your drawer to your current smartphone. Black and white TV to colour. Atari to Xbox. The ability to send personalized, multimedia direct messages at scale now means that the success of your campaigns is limited only by the genius of your concept and the brilliance of your multimedia content – boosting engagement, conversions and ROI even further.

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Video DM Screenshot

*Twitter IPG Media Lab, "How Social Video Works," July 2016

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