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Year Progress ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 99 % -> HELL YEAH!

Javier Buron - CEO & Co-Founder
Dec 22, 2020 10:49:15 AM

Let’s be honest this year has been a shit show, right? But we all know it could have been much worse! As the ever optimist I’ll skip complaining about 2020 and focus on what could make an amazing 2021! Here are a few trends to look out for...

  • Martech is still growing
  • Foundational data platforms can change how products interoperate
  • We will finally know what will happen with the Cookies! (maybe)

The growth martech market remains promising for the decade ahead according to GP Bullhound. And with the obligated transition to remote working we can say that the marketing technology industry can only benefit from this. 

Audiense blog - US Digital Marketing Software Market

Like any tech stock, valuations are booming and further M&A activity has continued throughout 2020. In particular, in the “extended” social landscape we have seen two important players going public this year, Sprout Social and MeltWater, but there have also been some interesting acquisitions like Nanigans (social ads) by Sprinklr (which is going public soon), Socialbakers acquired by Astute and Pulsar by Access Intelligence. This is definitely an important milestone for the category as there weren’t any public references at all for valuations. 

With regards to the data landscape we have seen a lot of movements of some big players with the Snowflake IPO, Tableau acquired by Salesforce, Looker by Google, and Segment by Twillo. This is a result of companies turning businesses into a paradigm in which data and insights are a fundamental pillar of their activities development. The Forrester report “The Four Essential Steps To Transform Into An Insights-Driven Business” never gets old offering an apt summation of this shift. 

We can’t have a complete recap of 2020 without mentioning Snowflake. How could the paradigm shift alter how systems of insights are connected. If Snowflake's approach is fully embraced,  it will fundamentally change how data is shared and actioned within the Marketing Tech industry. 

The advertising landscape is definitely another one that will continue to be shaped during 2021 with the announcement of the end of cookies, other privacy regulations and what will happen with the intentions of regulators to divide up companies like Facebook.

When looking out for such landscape changes, 2021 will definitely be a year to watch in terms of interoperability and actionability or how systems of insights and systems of engagement work together. For a little more 2021 inspiration take a look at 35 quotes from industry leaders on what they think will make 2021 great!  

Now to reflect on our own 2020… this year we haven’t taken a backseat!

Audiense blog - G2 Audience Intelligence new category

  • We developed and launched our first podcast series focusing on Industry Leaders and their experiences. 
  • Commercially, we are very lucky that this has been our best year ever 🚀
  • Our Product and Engineering team got a lot done!
    • Report generation time down to under 5 minutes!⚡
    • From 2 hours to under 5 minutes!: The team worked around the clock to bring you a significant reduction in report generation time. We started the optimization by first releasing report previews for audiences of upto 10K audiences. We then built on that by releasing faster report generation for audiences of upto 20K. We continue to work on expanding the criteria with the aim to produce fast reports for much larger audience sizes!
    • UX improvements
        • Ability to export report summaries
        • New Content creators filter
        • Easy Report search
        • Better report shareability via email and public link
        • Easier audience and influencer management by adding segment members to existing audiences and ability to add top influencers
        • Ability to choose preferred dashboard and product selection resigned
    • And even more:
      • Targeting packs
      • New pricing!
      • New channels added to Social Media relevance

Wow...That was long! If you have managed to read all of it, thank you very much for all your support!

Happy Holidays 🎄🎅✨

See you in 2021!

Javier Burón

Founder & CEO

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