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[PRODUCT UPDATE] 90% of insights reports ready in under 20 minutes

Ana Vico - Product Manager
Apr 28, 2021 12:32:37 PM

It’s time for an update on what our most recent product improvements are...

Continued work on faster Insights Reports generation times

Remember when it took hours for your report to generate? Now 90% of the time an Audiense Insights report generated by our users will be ready in UNDER 20 mins!

In fact, reports created based on followers of an account/profiles are typically ready in 15 minutes...

If you have uploaded a file, perhaps from your social listening query, or you are using our conversations criteria. Well you can expect those reports to be ready in under 7- 8 mins 🤯

Identify the influencers/brands you're looking for efficiently

Did you notice that we have added 17 new interest categories to filter by in the brands and influencers tab and we have increased the number of categorised profiles by more than 10X. Now you can filter the top brands and influencers by categories such as beverages, computer games, culture, celebrities, etc. This improvement means it is even quicker and easier to identify partnerships with brands, businesses, media outlets, journalists, podcasters, bloggers or influencers in these spaces! Get rid of the noise, find relevant profiles and get to the data that matters quicker!

It doesn’t stop there, we’ve also added new categories to our Media Affinity tabs. Now you’re easily able to find out your audience’s favourite apps and online shows!

Audiense - New Categories and Content Creators filter

Understand why your report failed and let’s fix it

We have been hard at work to make sure less of your reports fail and even if they do we have tried to let you exactly know why and how to fix them when possible. We even compiled this article with all the most common causes of why reports fail and how to deploy a fix. It’s a work in progress as we continue to document more cases, keep an eye out for the finished article.

Audiense - Report Failed Detail

As always don’t forget to share your feedback, thoughts and wishes with us by contacting our product team at

Until next time!

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