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[PRODUCT UPDATE] Insights reports available in under 5 minutes

Ana Vico - Product Manager
Nov 17, 2020 12:21:30 PM

You are probably familiar with our report previews by now: from a few seconds after launching certain reports, they were accessible and provided a snapshot of your audience analysis while your report was generating. Well, previews have been removed to make way for our latest development:

You can now access the full Audiense Insights report in just under 5 minutes!

This improvement means that, as you create your reports, you will experience that some of them will take about one hour to be available, whilst others will be ready for you to view within 5 minutes. There are 2 main factors that will determine your report generation time: report audience size and report creation method. Take a look at our user guide to understand when a report will be ready in just a few minutes.

Except for generation speed, there are no differences in the information the reports provide, all of the insights will be available to you as normal but just much quicker.

Keep an eye on future updates as we continue to optimise report generation and work on increasing the amount of reports that are available to you in almost no time!

What else? Identify influential content creators for different networks

Are you focused on particular channels for activation? Perhaps working on your influencer strategy? The new content creators filter allows you to refine the influencers of an audience/segment by what network they are on. You can easily select your relevant networks and use this filter in combination with the rest of the filters for even more granular searches.

The networks currently available to filter by are YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat. And we will be adding new ones!

Audiense Insights - Content Creators Filter

Extra bonus: adding segment members to a new or existing audience in Audiense Connect

When you are adding the members of a segment to an audience in Audiense Connect, you can now choose to add them to a new or an existing audience. This will save you steps to merge related segments into a single audience, or to feed key audiences with members of relevant segments as you uncover them.

Audiense Insights - Add segment members to an audience  Audiense Insights - Add segment members to an audience NEW or EXISTING ONE

Don’t forget to share your feedback, thoughts and wishes with us by contacting our product team at!

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