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[Product Update] Discover the new influencers tab, refresh the audience content capability + much more!

Feb 19, 2019 2:08:27 PM
Our product and engineering team have been bustling in the past few weeks making our vision a reality: Democratise Audience Insights. One of the crucial steps of this vision is the efficacy to identify relevant influencers for an audience; people that could be connectors and amplifiers of your business message for a particular audience or segment.

Today we are pleased to tell you that we have released:

🔎 A new version of the influencer tab

This new tab in our Audience Intelligence Reports allows you to identify segmented affinities and influencers and filter them by brand or person, country, bio, macro or micro and sort by uniqueness and affinity. Click here if you need more info.

📰 Refresh content button

We have gone from offering you a snapshot of what your audience finds interesting in providing you with the ability to update those findings on demand! Keeping up to date with the content shared by your community is key to shaping successful content strategies. This product update is geared towards saving you time! You no longer have to request specific reports to update your findings of your community. We don't intend to stop there... we are also working towards developing dynamic intelligence reports allowing you to track the evolution of your audiences.

📈 An increment in the coverage for our interests enrichments

With this improvement, audiences that are based on interests such as sports, movies and TVs, gardening will be now much bigger and therefore we believe this will enable you to find more relevant niches and with this, new business opportunities.

🏎 Faster report generation

"Last but not least": Average report generation time has decreased by 28%.

Learn more about these features and request a demo! We are always happy to receive your feedback, feel free to email us at

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