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[Product Update] Introducing Custom Rankings

Jul 17, 2019 10:19:21 AM

Once again, thanks to the feedback of our customers and users, we have designed and developed a new feature that we are sure will help you to optimize your strategies while saving a lot of time. We are happy to present our Custom Rankings.

What are Custom Rankings and how do they work?

These personalised rankings are lists of profiles (people or brands) that you can curate and edit to better understand how they rank according to their affinity with or uniqueness to a certain audience.

These Custom Rankings can be generated in any of your Audience Insights reports and you can use them in all of the Audience Intelligence reports that you already have on the platform.When selecting a Custom ranking, you can order the profiles of influencers or brands by their affinity with or uniqueness to the audience or segment that you are analysing at that moment.

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And what use do these Custom Rankings have?

Based on the feedback from our customers, we wanted to develop this feature to facilitate processes and save time, for example, when you want to…

  • Know the affinity that a series of competitors have with a certain audience.
  • Discover what is the ranking of a list of influencers according to their affinity with your target audiences.
  • Monitor a series of brands, when looking for sponsorships, to know which ones occupy the top positions of the ranking in relation to an audience.

Let's give a practical example... Say you are an analyst for a global beverage brand and want to know, for a list of specific target audiences (young mums, active grandmas, top executives), what position your brand occupies among the 20 most relevant brands in your industry. Your goal is to use this information to define the optimal marketing strategies to connect with those audiences.

To achieve this, you would create an Audience Intelligence report for each audience, so that you have an in-depth analysis of them and the segments of each full audience. Once this is done, you should create a Custom Ranking with the 20 brands of beverages, including yours. Then you could compare your position in relation to the other brands for each of the audiences to understand which of those consumer groups have a greater affinity with your brand. This can reveal great strategic opportunities to stand out in certain niche markets where your competitors are weaker, or to direct you to focus on those audiences for which your brand has less popularity.

Audiense Insights - Product Update Custom Rankings

The procedure would be similar if, for example, you were working on your influencer marketing or sponsorships strategy for your brand: you could make a ranking of influencers or brands, and identify those that are most relevant to each target audience. So you can be sure that your efforts are directed towards the ones which have the most potential impact on your audience of interest.

And here are some testimonies from our clients…

From the many benefits that we can tell you about this new feature that we are launching today, there is nothing better than hearing it from the customers who have already had the opportunity to try the Custom Rankings, and they can tell you their own experience.

Custom rankings within Audiense Insights have allowed us to understand how Banco Pichincha, our sponsors and partners rank against the competition. In addition, it has helped us to sharpen our strategy and make more precise decisions when selecting influencers.
Patricia A. Villarruel Gordillo, Content Director at Banco Pichincha C.A.

Custom Rankings enables a more forensic analysis to our Audience Analysis Methodology. This new feature provides us with a deeper understanding of brand and competitors, influencers or groups of interest that resonate for each cluster, making it easier to find nuances and making comparisons between audience groups.
Tamara Lucas, Associate Director at Convosphere.

The new Custom Ranking feature in Audiense enables a new level of precision for us here at EntSight, enabling us to focus on unique and bespoke groups of social profiles and learn the affinity specific audiences share with these.
In an age where Brands are increasingly keen to learn more and more about how Influencers, Media and Celebrities influence their audience a tool like this is absolutely ideal.
Edward Bass, Founder & Director at EntSight Ltd.

Access our platform right now to see for yourself how you can benefit from all the possibilities offered by the Audiense Insights Custom Rankings.

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