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[Product Update] It just gets better and better…

Oct 17, 2018 5:00:23 PM

Our product team keeps on killing it. With continuous weeks of hard work and feedback from you, we are pleased to let you know about a few and developments that we’ve had in the last few weeks!

  1. 🔎 Our new uniqueness algorithm
  2. 🤔 Understanding smaller audiences
  3. 🏃🏽 Insights report generate quicker than ever

New uniqueness algorithm:

Our new uniqueness algorithm now helps you pull out more unique influencers and affinities to your audience. For example, if you are analysing an audience of tennis fans, you compare this to the general baseline we see that even the audience has a great affinity with tennis players, but also typically the mainstream influencers such as Barack Obama. Our index will penalise the results that are mainstream helping us surface the real influencers for the target audience (in this case, Rafa Nadal and other tennis players).

Want to read more around how we calculate this check out our article here.

Ability to understand smaller audiences:

You asked we listened! Long are the days you are limited by small Audiences. Now you are able to take audiences as small as 100 people and gather valuable insights on. Perhaps you can take a list of users that attended your event? Or hand pick a small list of influencers and understand how they behave? At Audiense we have even used this feature to deep dive into our smallest segments of our audience.

Faster report generation:

On your marks…. Get set…. Report finished! Our insights reports now generate in well under 2hrs. Do you have that all important meeting this afternoon? Pulling some key insights quickly could be really beneficial. Create your report first thing and you’ll have everything you need by lunch time!

As always we love to hear your feedback so let us know what you think so tweet us or send across your thoughts to our Product team at


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