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[Product Update] New plans for Audiense Connect, our Twitter marketing platform

Leticia Polese - Communications Manager
Aug 16, 2018 12:57:55 PM

We are pleased to inform you that our plans for our Twitter marketing platform, Audiense Connect, were updated on August 8th. Now Audiense Connect users can choose between Free, Starter and Standard plans.

The two main reasons for the changes are:

  • We have optimised our infrastructure - Social contacts are no longer the main focus in our plans, which are now defined according to the characteristics and functionalities included in each plan.
  • Recent changes of APIs within the social media sector (i.e. Twitter and Instagram) - With these new plans we want to be aligned with the way in which social networks understand their APIs and how to take value from them.

What are the highlights?

More social contacts

Now users of Audiense Connect Free have up to 100,000 social contacts available in their accounts, instead of the 5,000 they had previously. Starter and Standard will have access to 1M of social contacts by default. 

Create your own chatbot (self-service mode)

Audiense Connect users who enjoy a Standard plan have the possibility to create their own chatbot for their Twitter. This is can be done quickly and easily by you.


The news in detail

If you want to know the full detail of the features of these new plans, and their prices, you can do so by visiting the Audiense Connect plans page.You can also contact our team to solve any of your doubts or, in case you are already a user, suffered any incidents during the transition.

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