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[Product Update] Our new developments!

May 31, 2018 1:46:19 PM

 It’s time for another product update! We are here to let you know about all the new features and developments that have been going on behind the scenes at Audiense over the past few weeks off the back of all your valuable feedback!

Keep reading to discover all the improvements we have made with you in mind. Make your marketing decisions easier and your campaigns more effective with...

1) The ability to create audiences based on conversations

Committed to continuous improvement, our already valuable Insights report now has the ability to go beyond the who and where to the WHAT! Our latest development now allows you to define an audience based on what they are talking about across all social networks. Stay ahead of the competition by analysing keywords, URLs, hashtags or even social profiles.

2) Relevant Top Hashtags

With this new feature you will be able to gain a better understanding of what makes each segment relevant. You will be able to find each segments top hashtags on their profile cards below distinctive affinities as seen in the image below.

New call-to-action

3) Basic Audience Manager 2.0

The availability of affinities within the Basic Audience Manager. You are now able to select affinities as part of the defining criteria, offering you with more options but keeping it user friendly. Choose this filter if you want to find people who are interested in a certain brand or person. Simply type in their twitter handle to create an audience of people who have an affinity for X:

4) The Ability to add influencers to an audience

Once you have defined the audience you are able to launch an intelligence report to gain a better understanding of the audience that follows potential influencers in order to validate how relevant they are to your brand. 

After identifying relevant influencers, you now have the choice to add them to an audience, refine your list further, understand them better through segmentation deep dives or connect the audience to Twitter Ads and run a campaign targeting your micro influencers!

5) Smarter Baselines

When analysing audiences, choosing the right baseline to compare your audience to is key when understanding the most unique characteristics of that audience. Identifying what your audience over indexes on in comparison to the baseline chosen allows you to derive valuable insights about the behaviour your target audience exhibits.

In effort to increase efficiency whilst continuing to add value we have optimised our baseline management functionalities.

For instance, when more than 50% of an audience shares the same location, that country will automatically be selected as the default baseline (replacing the global baseline) for comparison purposes (this will also be reflected in PDF or PPT Exports).

When selecting a baseline of your choice the platform will now remember those choices even if you decide to navigate to other segments or explore the full audience.

6) Faster Report Generation

We don’t like to keep you waiting and so we have worked on decreasing the amount of time it takes to generate influencer and intelligence reports.  

7) GDPR changes

As you are aware GDPR goes into effect this month on the 25th and so we have been working hard to make sure we are fully compliant. In particular our Email Source functionality in the Connect platform has been adapted in the following way:

  • You will now find a mandatory legal checkbox that you will be required to tick when uploading an Email source.
  • Email addresses have been removed from the Profile information provided for each user as well as from the Excel export file.

As always your feedback allows for continuous improvement. Feel free to send across your thoughts to our Product team at or book some time in to speak to a member of our commercial team.

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