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[New Features] 🎵 Summer time and deliverin' is easy...!

Sep 25, 2018 5:14:46 PM

We always love to hear your feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. After weeks of hard work changing the Audiense Connect offer model, we are pleased to announce all the new features that have been going on behind the scenes at Audiense. (Blog post soundtrack)

  1. Better integration with social listening platforms: Faster audience creation with files of Twitter Ids and Twitter handles
  2. Faster report generation
  3. Improved Influencer vetting: Search influencer bios and filter by country.
  4. Ability to request multiple types of chatbots

New call-to-action

Integrating with your listening platforms! 👂

You asked - we heard! Marketers use a number of tools to create the perfect solution. With Audiense Insights you are now able to upload your list of #Twitter IDs or Twitter Handles as part of your report creation. Create an insights report from your past listenings to understand the users behind the conversation.

With 1 simple button upload your file:


Faster report generation ⏰

For all of our Audiense Insights product customers we are pleased to say that now the average generation time for our Audience Intelligence report is only 50mins (down from 1h 40 mins). 

Improved Influencer vetting 👌

New filter section, which is much more accessible and usable than before, makes influencer vetting a much easier task. Country and biography filters have been a long time request from our customers and they are finally here! Now you can locate journalists or youtubers that are influential to your audience very quickly. This was previously possible via Audiense Connect but now is much easier and faster.


Ability to request multiple types of chatbots 🤖

Chatbots are an amazing way to connect with your audience on Twitter. At Audiense we have been working hard to develop a number of different chatbots to suit your needs and make easier for you how to request them!



As you are well aware, our famous opt-in chatbots, where users are able to subscribe to your marketing! And you don’t need to be a follower to opt-in to this! Well, we have taken this one step further and started the creation of other type of bots too!

Content & News delivery chatbots

The next step on the Twitter Chatbots evolution are “News delivery chatbots”. These chatbots are specially designed for organisations that deliver constant updates to a wide audience. They allow creating a series of topics of interests users can subscribe to to receive updates or news based on their interests. These topics support both manual delivery of DM broadcasts and RSS, for advanced automated delivery. These chatbots are specially suited for news organisations (such as magazines or newspapers) but can also be adopted by other organisations that have a constant flow of “categorised” updates.

Content and News delivery chatbots are a great way to constantly keep up to date with any news that’s relevant to your followers topics of interest, so they never miss out. The Economist is a great example of this Content Chatbot. When you click on ‘Message’ on their page, an automated message pops up where it tells you to select on the box you’re most interested in and want to receive more information about. By sending personal messages, topics they’re interested in, you build a more personal relationship with your customers.

Q&A chatbots

Q&A chatbots allow having conversational experiences that companies create to answer common questions from customers. This alleviates the workload of support teams and reduces the time to get an answer from customers, which translates in an increase of customer satisfaction.

Q&A chatbots are great for giving your company the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to service and information by using a straightforward and easy system. They can be an efficient way for twitter users to find their way through your different products/services.

Custom chatbots

For customers that want to define advanced conversational chatbots, with an unlimited amount of interactions and topics, we offer “Custom chatbots”, which allow you to define an unlimited number of interactions. These chatbots are commonly used for building Q&A chatbots and news delivery at the same time.

Custom chatbots are great at building relationships with consumers. If you would like to design your own communication framework based on your needs, the Custom Chatbots can include different topics and interactions that will help the user achieve the most out of this experience.

As always your feedback allows for continuous improvement. Feel free to send across your thoughts to our Product team at

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